20 Jan 2015

Review: OyatsuBox Japanese Subscription Box!

It seems like it's been ages since I last featured any Japanese snacks so I was delighted to receive the latest Japanese subscription box from OyatsuBox. I previously featured an OyatsuBox review in March last year which was filled with a selection of awesome Japanese products from iconic brands, such as Kit Kat, Pocky and Hi-Chew.

OyatsuBox Subscription details:

OyatsuBox is a monthly subscription service, which posts direct from Japan, and costs $25.00 (around £16.45) per month with no extra delivery charges. There is no fixed contract and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. Each box is packed full of the latest Japanese snacks, candy, and exclusive items. Every OyatsuBox also includes a Japanese Capsule Toy! For more info: www.oyatsubox.com. 

Here's a quick look at what I received in this months OyatsuBox:

Takoyaki Tei: Made in Japan by FritoLay, this Takoyaki Tei is a large bag of soft fluffy puffs of corn with a classic Japanese flavour. "Takoyaki" are actually little balls of fried squid and batter topped with a traditional takoyaki sauce. I loved the flavour of these round ball shaped snacks, they have a delicious sweet and tangy taste.

Puccho - Kumamoto Strawberry: I'm already a fan of Puccho, which are deliciously chewy and fruity sweets, so I was delighted to find this large pack of Kumamoto Strawberry in the OyatsuBox. This is a special edition, made using strawberries from the Kumamoto Prefecture and features their super cute mascot Kumamon.

There are two different Puccho flavours in each pack; Creamy Milk Strawberry and Fresh Strawberry. Both are quite similar but they are utterly delicious and addictive. It's impossible to have just one! Each sweet has a unique chewy texture with a lovely creamy and sweet fruity flavour.

Kanro Parikore Gummy- Peach & Grape: The name "Parikore" comes from the sound made when biting into these unique gummies - they have a crunchy outer layer covering a soft and chewy middle. I've never tried this brand before so I'm looking forward to reviewing this bag of mixed Peach & Grape flavoured candies.

Pocky Midi Strawberry: Oh my, I was so delighted to see these in the OyatsuBox. I'm already a Pocky fan, but these Pocky Midi Strawberry are really special.

Inside the box there are three individually sealed bags of Pocky, each with four midi sized sticks. Pocky Midi are slightly smaller than regular Pocky sticks but are covered with over twice the amount of chocolate. In this case the covering is a deliciously sweet, and fresh tasting, strawberry flavoured chocolate. I think these are now my favourite Pocky of all time - they're so delicious!

HanaKappa DIY Jelly: Many of the online Japanese candy stores, such as OyatsuCafe, stock these types of DIY candy kits, and this is certainly an interesting one. It lets you make your own bubbly, foamy jelly snack. HanaKappa is described as "a Japanese river creature with a flower growing on his head". My kids are very excited about giving this unique kit a try!

Morinaga Ramune Soda Candies: The packaging of these candies is so cute - it's made to look like a traditional Japanese soda bottle. Inside it's filled with ramune soda (basically lemonade) flavoured candies that are a bit chalky in texture but are surprisingly melt-in-the-mouth and tasty.

Morinaga Hi-Chew Mini: I'm also a fan of Hi-Chew sweets, and I always look out for new ones when I visit Japanese grocery shops. My favourites are the Mango or Peach Hi-Chew. I'm looking forward to trying out this handy pack of Mini  Hi-Chew which contains four flavours; Strawberry, Apple, Grape, and Lemon.

Tohato Chocobi: I've previously reviewed Tohato Caramel Corn, sweet puffed corn snacks, and I've always wanted to try their star shaped version. They're a bit like eating a cereal as a snack. This Tohato Chocobi box contains chocolate flavoured star shaped corn snacks. The box reminds me a little bit of the white chocolate Pokemon version from the OyatsuBox I received last year. 

Don-Koeda Chocolate: Probably the only chocolate bar I've ever seen that has a picture of a cigar smoking character on the front! Apparently this figure is a well known Japanese fashion celebrity - Don-Konishi. The chocolate itself is made by Morinaga and is filled with the crunchy combination of chocolate biscuits, rice puffs and almonds.

Giant Caplico - Chocolate Bomber: It was quite hard to take a photo which adequately captures this one, as it's actually a large ice cream cone shaped snack. It's described as a wafer filled with a delicate and fluffy chocolate. This limited edition "Chocolate Bomber" version is made of two layers of white and milk chocolate, topped with a covering of dark chocolate. It sounds awesome! The packaging is covered with characters from YouKai watch, a popular Anime series.

Gashapon - Japanese Capsule Toy: Finally the capsule toy included in the OyatsuBox. I was surprised by just how large this Japanese capsule toy is - especially compared to the flimsy toys we get in UK capsule machines. Inside I found a very solid and well made (and big!) keyring featuring a character from Naruto.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this vibrant and colourful selection of Japanese snacks and candies - it would certainly make a very special present to brighten up someones day! I was especially delighted with the Pocky Midi Strawberry, Takoyaki Tei, Hi-Chew Mini, and Puccho Kumamoto Strawberry, aswell as discovering many brands that are new to me. 

What do you think of the OyatsuBox selection? If you're a subscriber then I'd love to know of it in the comments below.

For more details:
OyatsuBox website: www.oyatsubox.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OyatsuCafe
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oyatsucafe

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  1. Wow you get a lot in the box. I have never tried Japanese sweets, looks like a great subscription!

    1. Definitely give Japanese sweets a try. I recommend starting with Japanese Kit Kat, they have such awesome flavours :)

  2. The Japanese do have a huge selection of unusual sweets don't they? You get a lot in this box. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Warning about Oyatsubox for potential subscribers.

    Oyatsubox mistakenly sent items to the wrong address (the Billing address) and refuses to correct its mistake. It is ignoring repeated requests to correct its error.

    Customers should be warned about their customer service is terrible.


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