21 Jan 2015

Review: Cadbury Creme Egg - New Recipe for 2015

It was impossible to miss the news last week that Cadbury changed the recipe for their Creme Eggs. What's interesting is that Cadbury only released a press release confirming this fact, after receiving complaints from consumers that this year's Cadbury Creme Eggs didn't taste the same. I wonder if Cadbury were hoping that no one would notice! Anyway, Cadbury did quickly confirm (or 'fess up!) that they had changed the recipe for Creme Eggs from using Dairy Milk chocolate (around 20% cocoa solids) to using their so called "Standard Cocoa Mix" chocolate (which is apparently around 14% cocoa solids). 

I've mentioned before that I don't really like Cadbury Creme Eggs very much, I just find them far too sugary. I much prefer the mini versions which have less of the fondant, so I rarely buy the full sized version. In fact, I wouldn't even be able to undertake this review to see if Cadbury Creme Eggs had changed, if it hadn't been for this review last year where I compared the US Creme Egg to the UK Creme Egg. I made lots of notes about the differences in flavour, especially in terms of the chocolate, so luckily it's all quite fresh in my mind! 

Cracking open the Cadbury Creme Egg version, the fondant tasted pretty much the same, too sugary sweet, although it did seem a little runnier to me compared to last year's version. The fondant in the Creme Egg I tried last year was definitely firmer and slightly less runny, with a more well defined "yolk" - compare the photo above of the filling, with the photo (fourth one down) from last year here. Anyway, it still tastes the same and I certainly couldn't spot any difference in that regard. The chocolate however, is slightly different, although not necessarily in a bad way. It has a similar scent and appearance to Dairy Milk, and the texture is just as smooth. However, there is a different aftertaste with this chocolate, I can only describe it as being not as creamy tasting as Dairy Milk. Having said all that, it's not a bad tasting chocolate, and thankfully, it's not the same as the chalky chocolate of the US Creme Egg.

Overall, I think if Cadbury have cost cutting motives behind this chocolate change, then they've done a pretty good job of keeping the taste the same - although obviously not a perfect one judging by the complaints they've received.

Whilst the change in chocolate doesn't really bother me that much, the fact that Cadbury Creme Eggs now come in boxes of five really annoys me, especially since all the shops seem to be keeping the price the same (at £2.00). Last year in the US Creme Egg vs UK Creme Egg review I noted that the American eggs are smaller in size and I mentioned that "don't be surprised if, by next year, the UK Creme Eggs are smaller - you have been warned". Looks like I actually made a prediction that was half right but not in the way I expected! 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Cadbury Creme Egg 2015

RATING: 6 out of 10 (but just because I'm not really a fan anyway).
Buy them again?: No.
Nutrition: 177 calories per 40g egg (compared to last year's 170 calories). 
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £0.50p each.

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