12 Jan 2015

New Instore: Lemonade & Cola Doughnuts and More!

Tesco Lemonade & Cola Doughnuts: Following on from their previous wacky doughnut flavours (was anyone tempted by the Turkey & Stuffing Weirdoughs?), are these Lemonade & Cola flavoured doughnuts. although strangely the "Weirdoughs" label appears to have been dropped. Described on the packaging as a fizzy selection to make your mouth tingle. £1.00p for 10 mini doughnuts at Tesco. 

Tropicana Sanguinello: There are several new releases in the Tropicana juice range at the moment. The Sanguinello is made with 100% Blood Oranges. £3.59p at Tesco. 

Peppa Pig Strawberry Jelly: I'm not sure if these are new but it's the first time I've seen them in my local Tesco. These individual Peppa Pig shaped jellies are really cute for a lunchbox treat. They are £0.50p each at Tesco. 

Petit Filous Magic Squares: My kids are fans of the Munch Bunch Double Up yogurts (even though they're far too old for this stuff!) and I couldn't help myself picking up this similar looking offering from Petit Filous - Magic Squares. Instead of being half strawberry and half vanilla yogurt, like the Double Up, the Magic Squares are actually sectioned into quarters. £1.85p at Tesco.

Belvita Breakfast Tops: A few new additions to the Belvita Breakfast range. These "Tops" are available in two flavours; Choco + Hazelnut and Strawberry. £2.79p at Tesco.

Belvita Breakfast Crunchy Choc Chips: Probably not that new, but also available in Apricot and Hazelnut varieties. £2.40p at Sainsbury's.

Müller Light Greek Style Raspberry: The Müller Light Greek Style range is one of my favourites but I tend to stick to the Coconut & Vanilla and Mango varieties. However, I did buy a pack of this new Raspberry flavour. £1.50p at Sainsbury's.

A big THANK YOU to Lucy W. who emailed me the following photos of new products that she bought in Tesco - most of which are not available in my local Tesco yet!

Tesco Red Velvet Doughnuts: These look much more appealing that the first doughnuts in this post! However, Lucy found that they were a little disappointing in terms of the filling. I'm hoping to find them and the Red Velvet Cookies (see below) soon - I have to check a bigger Tesco! £1.00p for a twinpack at Tesco.

Müller Corner Hawaiian Dream Pineapple: I definitely haven't spotted this one in store yet - I would have snapped it up! It reminds me of the Müller Inspired by Bali yogurt from last year, but it looks like the Hawaiian one is pineapple flavoured rather than coconut.

Müller de Luxe Corner Cherry Kirsch: Another decadent looking flavour from the Müller de Luxe range. Like a few of the previous flavours in this range, this one also contains alcohol. 

Carte D'Or Cinnamon Biscuit: Oh wow I really need to try this one! From the packaging it looks like a Speculoos biscuit ice cream! £3.49 at Tesco.

Image: Tesco 
Tesco Red Velvet Cookies: I haven't managed to spot these yet so thank you to both Lucy W. and another reader who left a comment letting me know about that they are now instore available instore. Apparently they are a Red Velvet version of the Tesco Melting Snowman Cookies

Thanks again to Lucy for the last few photos - we obviously have very similar tastes as I really want to try all of those new products!

Don't forget if you spot any new products in store please let me know via email - grocerygems@gmail.com. Thank you!


  1. OMG I want this all Muller yogurts! I love this :) This ice cream looks so good! Cinnamon and biscuit must be perfect combo! :)

  2. Ah I really wanna try lemonade & cola donuts - probably taste awful but I need to try them haha :)
    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

    1. Pretty much sums up my reaction! I'll be reviewing them soon but let's just say my expectations are low...

  3. Almost £4 for a carton of orange juice, WOW

    1. It's ridiculous isn't it? I was going to have a mini-rant about it in the post above but decided against it because it's something I've already mentioned a few times before about Tesco in particular.

      However, since you've brought up the high price... here goes.

      As the photo for the product shows, most of the Tropicana juices are on a 2 for £4.00 offer, EXCEPT of course for the new ones. The only other Tropicana juice that was £3.59p was the new Orange & Lime variety. The other were all around the £2.48p mark - a big difference.

      The problem here is Tesco's crazy pricing. No doubt they are gearing up for a HALF PRICE offer on those two varieties so they sell it for a ridiculously inflated price for a few days or weeks in order able to justify "special" offer which is obviously not special at all. Luckily most consumers are starting to see through these "fake offers".

      I may just do a post about why I think Tesco is really failing, and it's not just because of the rise of Aldi & Lidl, it's also to do with these unfair prices and fake offers.

      *Rant Over*

  4. Another one here that will be snapping up the cinnamon biscuit ice cream as soon as I spot it - on offer or otherwise! Lol. And yes £3.59 for a carton of juice is absolutely ridiculous!

    A belated Happy New Year to all by the way :)

    1. Sorry for such a late reply!

      I have seen the cinnamon ice cream in Tesco but I wasn't going directly home so couldn't buy it. Grrr!

      Happy New Year to you too - I hope 2015 is off to a great start :)

  5. Just purchased the muller yogurt in Tesco, and it was delish :)

    1. ooh was it the Hawaiian one or the Cherry Kirsch? I still haven't found the Hawaiian one!


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