23 Jan 2015

Review: Jellyatrics Sours

Jellyatrics were first released to celebrate the 80th birthday of Jelly Babies sweets, back in 1998, as a fun take on the original Jelly Babies (see Kev's review here). They're made by Barnack Confectionery and at the end of last year they launched a new variety - Jellyatrics Sours. There are five quirky characters and flavours in each pack; Bill Bird (lemon), Benny Dorm (blackcurrant), Pearl Stitch (lime), Frau Zimmer (orange) and Mister Miser (strawberry). This is all done firmly tongue-in-cheek obviously!

It's hard to see in my photo but each sweet has it's own features and characteristics as an older character, such as a zimmer frame and a knitted scarf. They're also much larger than standard Jelly Babies sweet and the bag was packed full too - no half empty bag here which was refreshing to see! I have to admit I thought these sweets were going to be all about the novelty value and I didn't expect too much from the flavour. I'm a bit fussy when it comes to sour sweets but these are actually surprisingly tasty, and have the right balance of a tangy and sour coating, with a much sweeter centre. The flavours are made with all natural ingredients and have a lovely fruity taste. The citrus flavours; Lemon, Lime and Orange, are all especially good, with zesty flavours that compliment the tangy outer coating. The Strawberry and Blackcurrant flavours are sweeter but still have that sour edge to go with the fruitiness. These are well worth a try for anyone who's a fan of sour sweets and has a good sense of humour!

As well as Facebook and Twitter, the Jellyatrics now have their own website too www.jellyatrics.co.uk where you can read Frau Zimmer's diary and even watch a video of how "Bill Bird turned sour".

Grocery Gems Review: Jellyatrics Sour

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.

Nutrition: 330 kcal per 100g (180g bag).
Purchased: Available at B&M, Hawkins Bazaar and other stockists.

PR Samples - product sent for an honest review.


  1. oh my mum would love these! she loves jelly babies and she loves sour things... i will have to get some for her for a treat as she's on a strict diet...

  2. Cheers for the mention :) I love Jellyatrics, such a fun concept!


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