18 Jan 2013

New Müller Kids Corner Footballs & Lots of Love Hearts

They might be called Müller Kids Corner but I think these yogurts are going to appeal to many adults aswell - they are both absolutely adorable and very tasty too. They are full sized pots (the same as a regular Müller Corner),  made up of a creamy yogurt with a portion of fun novelty shaped white chocolate covered cereal on the side.

The Müller Corner Lots of Love yogurt has pink and white chocolate coated cereal hearts - I know little kids will love them but I think they are super cute too.

The strawberry yogurt portion is very similar, if not identical, to that of the Strawberry Shortcake Müller Corner. It has a lovely sweet strawberry flavour and is creamy without any "bits".

The pink and white chocolate coated cereal hearts don't just look lovely, they are also very tasty. They are quite small but give a sweet chocolate crunch to the yogurt. There is a generous portion of the chocolate hearts too, so there is enough to justify nibbling some, or quite a few, before you try the yogurt.

And just so the sports fans don't feel left out, there is also this awesome Football version.

The yogurt is a super sweet and creamy vanilla flavour - which just happens to be my children's favourite kind. I can see that I am going to be buying these yogurts a lot. The footballs are also made of white chocolate coated cereal - obviously a very kid friendly choice.

It's quite hard to capture just how brilliant the little cereal "footballs" look. There is no real picture of them on the packaging so I didn't expect much, but they look fantastic. My boys said "whoooah" as soon as they opened it - and they thought they were absolutely ace.

I bought the yogurts in these multipacks of four full sized 135g yogurts. They have no artifical colours, sweeteners of preservatives and provide 20% RDA of calcium. However they are also fairly high in sugar and calories for a yogurt. Definitely more of a treat/dessert. If you like Müller Corner yogurts then give these a try - they are fun and delicious!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Kids Corner Footballs & Lots of Love

RATING: 8.5 out of 10
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition per pot (Footballs): 197 cals,
4.9g protein,  26.7g carb (23.6g sugars), 7.4g fat.
Nutrition per pot (Lots of Love): 207 cals, 5.5g protein,  28.3g carb (24.8g sugars), 7.4g fat.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: 2 packs (of 4 yogurts) for £3.50 or £2.39 each.


  1. These look great! I particularly like the love hearts....... hmmm

    1. They really are, the hearts are my favourite too :)

  2. How cute! The kids (and 'adults') ;o) will love these!!

    1. Exactly my reaction - lots of appeal for "big kids"!

  3. Cuuuute!! I like the girly one! <3

    1. The hearts are so cute aren't they? Thanks for following too :D

  4. That looks yummy, checkout my blog at http://definingwords.blogspot.com/2012/08/romantic-words.html
    feel free to leave a comment

  5. hi my name is jessica i am 7yrs old and i love the lots of love chocolate heart yogurt x

  6. .... How can people be so openly and blatantly sexist?? Why do they have to be categorized into gender? So boys like football but girls don't? And girls love little hearts and pink but boys don't? Or CAN'T. It's crap like this that gets into young children's heads and makes them grow up being sexist without even realizing it! Assuming they can't like certain things because it's looked at as weird by others if you're a boy to like hearts, if you like hearts and pink and you're a boy then you're gay? .. I could go on but I wont. I just think it's pure ignorance that people still separate genders like this and half of them don't even realize just how sexist it is! Why not just put them both under the category "Kids yogurt" What is the need for gender separation?

  7. @Tyler Fairley I think you will find only the commenters refer to girls & boys - the actual product does not mention them. A boy can just as easily coose the pink flowers yogurt if he wants - just as the girl can choose the football yogurt

    To take it further - why is breast cancer awareness' colour pink - damn - how sexist.
    Where was the last time you saw, a professional football team in pink - damn how sexist
    Do a search for pretty flowers in Google image search - damn most results are pink - SEXIST!

    let's attack them all!

  8. Hi Tyler,

    Firstly Anon above is right - the product doesn't mention girls or boys, that was my comments in the review.

    Of course you are completely correct that boys can love pink and hearts just as much as girls can love football. They are simply labelled "kids yogurts" and I'm sure most kids will just pick the one that appeals to them most - or just not buy them at all.

    I take your point that this is lazy marketing by Muller to some extent. I know plenty of boys who are not remotely interested in football and a lot of girls who hate pink. I'm not a person that fits into standard interests myself so I completely understand this.

  9. Hey Katherine,
    Just wanted to let you know that muller have continued with the boys v girls theme in their kids corners with a girls 'fashion' yogurt - seen at asda for only £1 a pack. Although I didn't try them, they seem similar to the heart/football ones already available which to be honest are quite tasty in flavour overall!

    1. Thank you so much for the heads up - I was wondering why this old review had suddenly become popular again! I hadn't noticed that there were new ones so it looks like I'll be heading to Asda tomorrow :)

    2. Got the new Muller Fashion yogurts! Review coming very soon...

      Thanks again :)


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