8 Aug 2013

Oasis Mango Medley Drink

Launched a few months ago, this Mango Medley is a new flavour for the Oasis drink range. It's not a brand that I'm particularly familiar with and I only bought this one after much pestering by my mango mad son. I'm quite annoyed with myself that I didn't take a closer look at the label because this drink contains artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, which I usually try to avoid

The medley part of the name refers to the fact that this is drink is a mix of mango and orange fruit juice... although there is laughably only 3% mango juice and 2% orange juice in total. I'll stop the negativity there though because I'm sure most people who buy Oasis don't expect a pure fruit juice with these. And to be fair to the Oasis Mango Medley, it's quite an enjoyable drink. It's basically a mango and orange squash - very tropical and fruity, but quite light and refreshing at the same time.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Oasis Mango Medley

RATING: 6 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Probably not.
: 90 calories per bottle (500ml).

Purchased: Corner Shop.
Price: £1.00p.


  1. Oh I hate it when they use artificial sweeteners, they leave such an unpleasant aftertaste. They should just stick to pure fruit juice since it's supposed to be a fruit drink anyway.

  2. I really like the Oasis range, it's one of the only ones I usually go for 'on the go' as i'm not a lover of fizzy drinks and often want something more substantial than a small juice. But, I never realised how much rubbish was in these either! :(

  3. I thought this drink was disgusting, it tastes nothing like mango and is really artificial and sweet. Also it has a disgusting coconut aftertaste and i would advise people not to purchase.


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