1 Aug 2013

KP Snackers Salted and Spicy Chilli Review

These Snackers from KP have been available for a few months now and are currently on a buy one get one free offer at Tesco. They're a simple, but very satisfying, mix of potato snacks and jumbo peanuts. There are three flavours available; Salted, Spicy Chilli and Salt & Vinegar.

The Salted variety is described as a mix of salted jumbo peanuts, Hula Hoops, mini tortilla chips, and crunchy corn strips. It's basically like having a couple of packets of crisps and a bag of nuts on the go at the same time but all conveniently placed in one bag!

There is a decent distribution of all the various ingredients, including the jumbo peanuts. The flavour is simply salted and extremely enjoyable because of all the different types of snack within. The mix of tortillas and potato chips works very well with the peanuts and creates a fun snacking combo. I think these would be great for serving as a party snack.

The Spicy Chilli is described as a mix of spicy chilli flavour jumbo peanuts, crunchy corn strips, mini tortilla chips and multigrain crispy bites. The elements are all similar to the Salted mix, but with the wavy multigrain chips instead of Hula Hoops.

The flavour of these is more varied than the Salted version, with each type of snack having a different level of chilli. The mini tortillas have quite a light and sweeter chilli flavour whilst the jumbo peanuts are quite strongly flavoured with a spicy chilli. The overall chilli flavour has a slight kick to it, and builds with intensity but is still fairly mild and enjoyable for the whole family. Another great snack mix that I would definitely buy again.

Grocery Gems Verdict: KP Snackers

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
: 181 calories per 32g.

Vegetarian: Yes.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £1.99p for 160g bag (also buy one get one free).


  1. Thanks for the review, I'd totally forgotten about these! I tried the Spicy Chilli mix a while ago and really enjoyed it - I love having a mixture of snacks, so often end up opening multiple bags of things and tipping little bits out. The Salted version looks like it'd be more texturally interesting, but the Spicy Chilli looks like it all belongs together a little better. As I'm a sucker for a spicy and sweet mixture (like Bombay Mix!) I added raisins to my Chilli mix dish. Yum! =)

    1. Hi Lindsey, thanks for the comment :)

      I'd forgotten about these too, but I keep seeing them in the last few days on offer. Looks like they are promoting them a bit more. I like your idea of adding raisins to the Spicy Chilli mix. Now I'm thinking of what else I could add...

  2. Mmmmmm I like to look of these! I bought a snack mix from Sainsburys last week that was really nice - it was their own brand American Snack Mix in a blue packet, description as follows:
    'A mix of sour cream and peppercorn flavour corn strips (35%), tomato salsa flavour mini tortillas (35%), pastrami flavour bread bites (15%) and salted pretzels (15%)'

    1. oooh that American Snack Mix sounds fab Jo. I'll have to keep an eye out for that one!


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