2 Sept 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk Pebbles

Released earlier this summer, these Cadbury Dairy Milk Pebbles are another addition to the Cadbury sharing bag range. The "milk chocolate covered in a crispy shell" concept is obviously similar to Cadbury Mini Eggs or Smarties. I've bought these several times since July, they've been a great chocolate snack for visits to the cinema on hot days since they're never going to cause any melting incidents.

The colours are at first glance quite unusual choices with their muted purples, yellows and browns, but somehow they all work well together to create a visually appealing snack. My kids certainly loved the flat pebble shapes and the curious colours.

Even though the actual Pebbles have quite a flattened appearance, there is still a decent amount of Dairy Milk chocolate in each one. The combination of crispy sugary shell and creamy chocolate is just delicious. I love a bit of Dairy Milk chocolate at the best of times and it's equally as satisfying in these Pebbles. Overall, they're a great tasting treat and one I'm sure I'll be buying again in the future.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Cadbury Dairy Milk Pebbles

RATING: 8.5 out of 10
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per 35g): 175 calories
Vegetarian: Suitable for Vegetarians.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price (140g bag): £1.00 - (on offer).


  1. I agree that these are pretty much just mini eggs, not that I'm complaining!

    1. It's great that they're now available all year round!

  2. Really like the idea of taking these to the cinema, nothing worse than melty chocolate hands!

    1. We usually buy Minstrels when we're going to the cinema (the only time I ever buy them), just for that reason. I much prefer these Pebbles though, they're perfect!


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