11 Sept 2013

Japanese Snacks from Oyatsu Cafe - Megapost

Last week I posted a review of lots of yummy Japanese sugary treats. Well today I'm focusing on the more savoury snacks (with a few sweets included too!). They're all from Oyatsu Cafe, a fantastic Japanese online store that stocks all kinds of goodies - click on the product title under each photo for direct links and more product information.

Dondon Yaki 

This DondonYaki snack is based on a traditional type of Japanese street food of the same name that is especially popular around festival times - certainly explains the cute festival scene on the packaging. The snack itself is a kind of fried cracker, with a lovely light but still crunchy texture. The flavour is absolutely delicious - an addictive meaty mix with a salty edge. Extremely tasty and one that everyone wanted more of!

Calbee Jagarico 

I've heard of the Calbee brand and have always wanted to try some of their snacks, so I was delighted to find this Calbee potato sticks included in my parcel.

These are described as The Crunchiest Potato Stick Ever... and they're not wrong. These are so super crunchy, it's almost as if they are made up of compacted potato crisps all rolled together into a stick shape. The flavour is so delicious too, just like a buttery baked potato! Seriously good and utterly moreish too - these did not last long once opened. I'll definitely be stocking up on these in the future.

Ninja Meshi - Ume Flavour

These are technically sweets but the flavour is more savoury to me so I decided to include them here. The packaging is so odd I really had no idea what to expect from the product inside. It seems to feature a ninja wearing a suit with lots of flowers around them. If you have any ideas what this is about then please leave a comment below!

The Ninja Meshi are slightly soft in texture, a bit like a gummy sweet. The flavour "Ume" is literally a type of sour plum but in snacks like this it usually denotes a pickled salty taste. I have to say the flavour was not for me AT ALL and I wasn't able to finish one - I found it quite horrible. Imagine super salty, sour and FISHY all at the same time. I defy anyone to be able to stomach these for more than a few seconds, let alone actually finish a whole one. 

Glico Kocochi Matcha Chewing Gum

And just to end on something a bit sweeter. These sugar-free Kocochi are a Limited Edition for 2013 and the first time a matcha flavoured chewing gum has been released.

The flavour is a refreshing combination of mint and matcha, giving a lovely twist on a traditional gum. I've long enjoyed peppermint tea with a bit of added matcha powder, a "minty matcha" if you will, as the flavours work together very well, and it's just as tasty and invigorating in this gum version. A great choice for any matcha green tea fan.

Discount Code: Don't forget you can use the code GROCERYGEMS for 15% off any Oyatsu Cafe order! More details here: http://grocerygems.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/oyatsu-cafe-discount-code.html

These products were very kindly sent to me by Oyatsu Cafe for review but all views are my own. 


  1. I love these Megaposts! :)

    1. Thanks Flipmode! I have a feeling there will be quite a few Megaposts in the run up to Christmas. Soooo many reviews to write at the moment :)


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