13 Sept 2013

Superman Movie Snack Tortillas & Hot Salsa Dip or Cheese Dip

How could I resist this when I saw it on the supermarket shelf? I'm sure by this point, some of my readers will know that I am drawn to snacks that debase famous fictional characters. An officially licensed Superman Movie Snack made for Lidl Germany, this is a similar product to those nacho snack boxes that are often sold in cinemas. There are two versions available; Hot Salsa Dip and Cheese Dip.

I feel like Superman is weeping in his Fortress of Solitude just thinking about the existence of this snack, grateful for the first time that Jor-El did not live to see this day. At least this is not just a box filled with tortillas and dip, it has the slightly more interesting concept of being microwavable. Literally the whole box can be zapped in the microwave for 60 seconds, resulting in the following strapline on the side of the box: Coming Soon In Your Microwave. The tortillas were nice enough but heating them up in the box resulted in a slightly cardboardy flavour. The accompanying Hot Salsa Dip was quite tasty but there really wasn't much spiciness to it.

Sparing no expense there is also a second version, the Superman Movie Snack II The Sequel (okay I added that last bit), which comes with a cheese dip instead. The question is: which one would Superman go for - is he a hot salsa or a cheesy dip kind of superhero?

The cheese dip was all kinds of disgusting, but then I'm not a fan of cheesy dips at the best of times. It didn't have a good cheese flavour, just an initial blandness with a sharp aftertaste. In the end this dip was cruelly discarded and forgotten, just like a certain pair of iconic red underwear. It's time the Man Of Steel did us all a favour and flew around the Earth a few times to stop this snack from ever being created.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Superman Movie Snack

RATING: 4.5 out of 10
Buy them again?: No.
Nutrition (per 100g): 472 calories
Purchased: Lidl.
Price: £0.99p.


  1. Hahaha! I Love this review!

  2. Haha, great review! :D I've seen these in Lidl too and just could't bring myself to try them, glad I didn't now.

  3. I did what you did and bought both boxes because of the superman theme. The dips weren't that good but I thought the torrilla chips were nice, but overall, I probably wouldn't buy again.

  4. We maked unpacking video:


    Please share, and like! Thanks Oliver

  5. I hate this article, I miss these movie snacks so much and the cheese dip was the best cheese dip I've ever had..............


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