30 Sept 2013

Review: Robinsons Fruit Shoot Tropical Flapjack Fingers

These Fruit Shoot Flapjacks are actually made by the Fabulous Bakin' Boys, a company already known for their tasty oaty flapjacks and cupcake ranges. My eldest son is quite a fan of flapjacks and I'm always on the look out for new flavours for him. Many parents will know the Fruit Shoot brand as a very popular range of drinks for children. It's not a brand I've bought regularly for my kids, as the drinks contain artificial sweeteners, however I was pleased to see that these flapjacks are free from artificial colours or flavours. They come in two varieties; Apple & Blackcurrant and these Tropical.

Each brightly coloured box contains six individually wrapped flapjacks.

They contain real fruit chunks, in this case dried apricots, and additional natural flavouring. These had a lovely tropical pineapple flavour that gave the buttery flapjacks a real burst of sweetness. The base flapjack did taste identical to the regular Fabulous Bakin' Boys Golden Oaty Flapjacks, with it's classic golden syrup and butter combination, but with the added fruity flavour. My son is a fan of apricots so he loved the combination here and I'll definitely be buying these for him again.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Fruit Shoot Tropical Flapjack Fingers

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Will try the Apple & Blackcurrant flavour too.
Nutrition (per flapjack): 127 calories

Purchased: Co-Op.
Price: £1.00.

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