19 Sept 2013

Review: Katjes Grün-Ohr Bärchen - Veggie Sweets

Another lovely German product from THIS awesome parcel that I received as part of a Grocery Exchange with reader Steffi. Katjes is a brand that I've tried previous as happily their vegetarian Better Bunny sweets are stocked by Tesco. Katjes is actually the second largest producer of fruit gums in Western Europe and rivals Haribo by offering a large range of sweets. These Grün-Ohr Bärchen (literally meaning green eared bears), are one of their newest additions, a bear version of the popular Grün-Ohr Hase - green eared bunnies! And yes, each sweetie bear does have a green ear. Apparently this represents the Katjes guarantee that these sweets are free from gelatin.

The bears have very cute little faces and are a lot more attractive than the slightly freaky looking Better Bunny sweets. There are five fruity flavours each represented by a different colour; cherry, lemon, orange, pineapple, and apple. All the flavours are extremely sweet and fruity and were a bit hit with all my taste testers. We all especially loved the pineapple flavoured bear, as it represents such a unique flavour for a sweet of this type. The fact that these are vegetarian makes the texture quite different to the usual gelatin based sweets, I find them to be not as chewy but slightly stickier overall.

I certainly hope that Tesco picks up more of the Katjes range as I'd love to be able to buy more of these in the future. Thank you again to Steffi for her wonderful parcel. There are many more reviews to come, including a German Snacks Megapost! :)

Grocery Gems Verdict: Katjes Better Bunny

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
: 327 calories per 100g.

Vegetarian: Yes and free from artificial colours and flavourings.

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  1. Gelatine free you say? Yay!

    Great review and great pictures as always!


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