20 Sept 2013

Giveaway! Chocolate By Genevie Competition

I was contacted by Chocolate by Genevie, an online chocolate company that specialises in luxury chocolates by post, offering my readers a chance to win a Gold Box with 16 Belgian Chocolates. To enter please check out the details at the end of this post!

They also kindly sent me the Brown Box 12 Chocolates to try. The chocolates themselves are all made in Belgium and feature quite a classic spectrum of flavours. Each box can be altered to suit your own tastes, so more or less of a particular flavour can be included. My box contained the following chocolates; champagne truffle, nougat, dark orange, praline crisp, arabica truffle, cointreau, milk truffle, coconut & pineapple, coffee praline, cherry, dark truffle and white truffle.

Of course I made a beeline straight for the pineapple & coconut centred chocolate which has a very cute spikey appearance.

I enjoyed the flavour here, it reminded me of a pineapple chocolate I bought in Portugal. The coconut flavour was somewhat secondary to the dominant pineapple but it worked well to create a creamy tropical chocolate.

Another favourite from the box included the praline crisp. This is a very large chocolate, with a timeless shape and design.

The milk chocolate is standard Belgian with a creamy, slightly nutty flavour. The crispy rice pieces add a nice crunch. Overall this is an attractive selection of generously sized chocolates. There were perhaps too many dark chocolates in the box for me, which I wasn't keen on, and I would have preferred more white chocolate (yes, my sweet tooth strikes again), but as mentioned such a change could be requested.


Worth £14.95

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The winner will be contacted after the competition ends and their details passed onto Chocolate by Genevie who will provide an E-coupon for the prize. Competition CLOSES next week on Friday 27th September at midnight. Good luck!


  1. Yipee, another chance to win free chocolate!

  2. Hi I would STRONGLY suggest you review this before continuing your promotion



    1. Hi there, thanks for the comment. Yes I had seen this issue about whether the chocolates were handmade and lack of information on the boxes. Chocolate by Genevie has already issued an apology (last year) and updated much of their website and product information.

      http://www.chocolatebygenevie.co.uk/blog/apologies-from-the-team/and updated much of their website and product information:

      I judged them on their current descriptions and product as Belgian chocolates (they were never described as handmade to me), and overall I found the chocolates to be of a very good standard. I'm sure the winner of the competition will enjoy them too.


  3. I don't think I have ever tried pineapple chocolate before! I feel like I've missed out! :)


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