5 Sept 2013

Japanese Snacks from Oyatsu Cafe - Sweets Megapost

My recent parcel from the online Japanese snack store Oyatsu Cafe was filled with so many goodies I've decided to review them over two megaposts - one for sweets and one for savouries! Click on the product title under each photo for direct links and more product information.

Meiji Wata Pachi Gum - Cola

Out of the packaging this candy may look like carpet underlay, but it is in fact a cotton candy type fluffy substance which becomes a bubblegum once chewed. The Cola flavour is distinctly fizzy and full of flavour. A really fun product! $1.99 (Appox. £1.27).

Meiji Pokemon Lolly

Also from Meiji are these Pokemon shaped and grape flavoured lollipop dipping sets with soda sprinkles and popping candy rocks.

This is similar to those classic dipping lolly packs that usually feature a sherbert dip. I loved the use of popping candy crystals in this dip set, it works really well to create a fun snack alongside the fizzy ramune flavoured sprinkles. Having a grape flavoured lollipop is quite unusual too and adds extra interest - but more about grape flavour below. $1.89 (approx. £1.21).

Kracie Puchitto Kudamono Muscat

This is such a cute idea from Kracie. These are soft, foam type candies in the shape of a bunch of grapes - and each one can be picked individually!

I'm not usually a fan of grape flavoured product, but that's purely based on my experiences with American grape candies. So far I've found the flavour in the Japanese versions to be more enjoyable, it's much sweeter and fruitier. These squishy sweets (Puchitto apparently means squishy!) are also available in other flavours and shapes, such as Orange - complete with segments that pull apart. $2.69 (approx. £1.72).

Morinaga Milk Caramels

It's obvious from the packaging that this is a classic product, and indeed these Morinaga Milk Caramels have been around for 100 years in Japan. 

There are 12 individually wrapped caramels in each box - although the packaging reminds me of a box of stock cubes! The caramels have a slightly soft, almost fudge like texture, which personally I much prefer to a hard caramel. The flavour is simple but delicious, a lovely buttery and smooth caramel. $2.49 (approx. £1.59).

Sakuma's Drops

Another classic Japanese candy are these Sakuma's Drops, made with real fruit flavour and presented in a collectible tin. 

These hard boiled sweets are very similar to the travel sweets we get in tins in the UK. However, alongside the usual fruity flavours of orange, lemon, strawberry etc., there are some extremely interesting flavours, such as; apple, grape, and mint. There was even a couple of delicious chocolate flavoured boiled sweets in there, something I've never come across before! I'll definitely be adding some more of these to my next order from Oyatsu Cafe.

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These products were very kindly sent to me by Oyatsu Cafe for review but all views are my own. 

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