1 Sept 2013

Müller Corner Pineapple & Smooth Coconut

I bought this Müller Corner Pineapple & Smooth Coconut on a recent shopping trip to Co-Op. It's a new one to me and has a Voted By You rosette on the front. I don't know what competition this is referring to (I'm presuming it was something on Facebook), or what the other choices were, but I'm glad that a coconut flavour won!

It's described as a pineapple and coconut compote with original yogurt. Whilst not the most unique of flavour combinations it's still an extremely delicious one. The compote tastes just like thicker version of a pineapple and coconut juice, with lots of sweet tropical flavour. The plain yogurt is very creamy, and provides a lovely base for the sweet compote. I agree with this review from Erin on Guilt free Veggie, that it would have been even nicer if the yogurt was also coconut flavoured!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Müller Corner Pineapple & Smooth Coconut

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per 100g): 125 calories. 
Vegetarian: Yes.
Purchased: Co-Op. 
Price: Any 6 Müller Corner yogurts for £2 (offer). 


  1. If I'm honest the fruit corners aren't for me I prefer the sweeter options. But I may try this next time they are on offer (as they always are) based on your positive outlook.

  2. Thanks for the mention :)
    I rather enjoyed to compote but longed for the yogurt to be coconut flavoured, but I am a bit of a coconut fiend haha, enjoyed reading the review as always

  3. I live in Amersham Bucks, can't find this product in either Tesco or Sainsbury's. We don't have a Co-op


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