29 Sept 2013

German Grocery Exchange - Sweets, Ritter Sport, Milka Biscuits & More!

I recently took part in a Grocery Exchange with Steffi from Germany. I've already reviewed some of the products that she sent me, such as the awesome Haribo Happy Cola with Liquid Filling and Katjes veggie sweets. I've been happily working my way through the rest of the awesome products which include sweets, biscuits, chocolates and even a savoury spread. Here's a German snack megapost!

Hussel Confiserie - Froschprinzen

Starting with the sweets, these Froschprinzen are made by one of Germany's more upscale confectionery brands.

As the name would suggest these sweets feature little Frog Princes, it's such a cute idea! My packet had four different flavours and they were all very fruity and delicious.

Hitschler Confetti & Brause

I loved these adorable little bags of shaped sweets, which are made by Hitschler, a sweets manufacturer based in Steffi's hometown of Cologne.

They're very bright and colourful, and would look great for cake decorating. They're also very tasty too. The Confetti are delicously fruity and chewy, shaped into largeish batons. The Brause Sterne are a sherbet chalky type sweet, a bit like Love Hearts but not as chalky, shaped into colourful stars. My kids were especially excited by these sweets when we first opened Steffi's parcel! 

Leibniz Pick Up! Choco & Caramel

Leibniz biscuits are usually either a plain buttery biscuit or chocolate covered on one side. Here the biscuit has been filled with an extra layer of chocolate and caramel, creating a classic sandwich biscuit, with added sweetness. 

The individual portion makes it a great little snack. There are several other varieties available in the Liebniz Pick Up range such as Choco & Milk and Choco Black & White which are both stocked in the UK by Monster Sweets. 

Alnatura Cocos Sesame Krokant

Thank you Steffi for adding something coconutty to the parcel! These organic sesame bars are essentially Sesame Snaps, but with added coconut flavour. They're a very sugary treat, but one that's great with a cup of coffee.

Milka Choco Pause

A huge tube of new chocolate filled biscuits from Milka. Steffi described them as a bit like Prince biscuits, a type of chocolate sandwich biscuits that is very popular around mainland Europe.

The outer biscuits reminded me of rich tea biscuits, but just a bit more golden and buttery. The inner chocolate is very tasty as you would expect from Milka! It's a classic combination that works very well here.

Ritter Sport Erdbeer Vanille-Waffel 

I love Ritter Sport bars and this new for Summer 2013 Strawberry Vanilla Wafer was no exception. In fact it was one of those bars that we finished in one sitting, it's just too good to resist.

The filling is a Loacker wafer biscuit base with a strawberry yogurt filling. I love Loacker wafers (see here) so I was intrigued try them in a Ritter Sport bar. Even though it sounds like quite a simple flavour combination, the overall taste is just fantastic. The strawberry yogurt filling is sweet, fruity and slightly tart, and the vanilla wafer provides the perfect crunchy backdrop. This is a Limited Edition, so they won't be around very long.

Tartex Kräuter

Lastly is this really interesting savoury spread which is described as a "herb pate". It's a spread made with organic parsley, chives and leeks, with yeast and vegetable oil.

I tried mine on some dark rye bread but it can also be used as a base for cooking such as in a pasta sauce. The flavour is unusual but very enjoyable, slightly salty and herby but smooth and creamy at the same time. It's totally different to anything I've tried before! Apparently there are also lots of other versions of these spreads in Germany, such as Ratatouille, chilli, and even mushroom.

 I hope you enjoyed this snack round up. Many thanks again to Steffi for sending these out and for providing so much background information to each snack. There is still one more review to come from our Grocery Exchange! 


  1. Wonderful post! I'm so glad you liked everything! Especially the Tartex haha. Next time I'll be sure to pack some more Hitschler for your children :D

    1. Ah thanks so much Steffi! Yes, I definitely enjoyed the Tartex. It's something a bit different! And sorry it's taken me so long to post these reviews, I just wanted to take time to enjoy these snacks :)

    2. No worries! I'm still super busy myself, thank God I had all those snacks from your parcel to keep me going! :)

  2. What did you send Steffi? can we read her reviews please :) ?

    1. Good question! I actually meant to take a photo of my box before I sent it but I totally forgot. Here's what I included (some items were requested, some I picked):

      Cadbury Cola, Pretzel & honeycomb
      Cadbury Jelly Popping Candy Shells
      Tunnocks Caramel Wafers
      Hartley's Sugar Free Jelly (various)
      Metcalfe's Cinnamon Sweet Popcorn
      Nairn's Oaty Bakes Caramelised Onion and Sweet Chilli
      Extra Bubblemint
      M&S Colin the Caterpillar Veggie sweets
      Sainsbury's Piri Piri Flatbreads
      Nakd Crazy Cola Raisins
      Fox's Hazelnut Cafe Snaps (biscuits)
      Guzzle Puzzle Sweets

      I think that was it! Steffi doesn't have a blog but I have reviewed some of the items myself. Next time I'll remember to take a photo! :)

    2. Oh dear, I'm sorry, I totally forgot to take a picture! Most of the things are gone already....I can assure you that everything was really, really yummy :D

  3. I think I need to go to Germany XD

  4. That is quite a interesting selection you sent to Germany grocery gems :)

    I also like Germany, and want to go to the Ritter Sport shop where you design your own chocolate

    1. Thank you! It was quite hard choosing what to include as I didn't want to let Steffi down and I was naturally worried about whether she would like what I had included.

      I actually had it slightly easier because Steffi sent me her parcel first and the products in it were so wonderful, they gave me lots of ideas. :)

  5. Looks a great swap. I've just started doing foodie penpals. As much fun choosing as receiving x


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