21 Oct 2013

Asda's Spooktacular Halloween!

With Halloween just around the corner, I was excited when Asda asked me to take a look at their Spooktacular Halloween range, and choose some products to review. Just like last year, my local Asda is currently featuring a fully themed and decorated Halloween aisle, packed with lots of gholish products. My eldest son was more than happy to accompany me and help in choosing some ghastly Halloween goodies!

Chosen by You Graveyard Ginger Ghouls - £1.00

I have to start with the bakery range, as we were spoilt for choice here. My son loves gingerbread biscuits so these Graveyard Ginger Ghouls were a must buy for us.

There are four fun shapes in the pack, which are all spookily themed but still very cute. The biscuits are very tasty too, nicely crunchy and with a lovely warming ginger flavour that is great with a cup of tea.
The same gingerbread biscuits are also available in this Chosen by You Spooktacular Sharer dipping set, with marshmallows and chocolate dip for £3.00.  A great idea for a Halloween themed movie night!

Chosen by You Scary Slime Tarts -£1.00

I haven't eaten a jam tart in years, but I couldn't resist these mini ones with their lime green jam filling.

Chosen by You Frightening Fairy Cakes - £2.00

These 12 mini fairy cakes come in bright orange cases, and are topped with bright orange icing and sprinkles. Very simple but instantly appealing. There is also a pack of 18 Creepy Cupcakes available (first picture in this post) for £5.00.

Chosen by You Deadly Donuts - £1.00

The mini doughnuts tubs have been given a Halloween makeover- well they're brightly coloured in purple icing with red sprinkles anyway!

There are 15 mini doughnuts in each tub.

Chosen by You Shocking Shortbread Bats - £1.00

These novelty shaped bat biscuits are very buttery and delicious - perfect chocolate chip shortbreads. My husband really enjoyed these.

Chosen by You Monstrous Mega Roll - £2.00

I'm more used to seeing these types of cakes at Christmas, but this very large swiss roll cake, has been given a Halloween twist with a chocolate orange filling.

Zombielicious Brain Mould £1.00

How could I resist? I can't wait to give this a go with some strawberry jelly! We also chose a few other Halloween basics:

Pumpkin Pail - £0 50p

My son loved the look of these colourful buckets, which are only 50p each. They're a decent size for the price, and will hold plenty of sweets for kids out trick or teating. I also picked up a matching one in bright green for my youngest son.

Grisly Grinning Pumpkin - £1.00

We bought two of these light up Grisly Grinning Pumpkin. for £1 each. I will update the photo with a lighting up version soon, so check back!

Carving Pumpkin - £2.00

Asda's Carving Pumpkins are £2 each or 2 for £3. It wouldn't be Halloween without getting some pumpkins to carve and my kids always look forward to this part of Halloween the most (yes, even more than the sweets!). Here's the Sonic the Hedgehog pumpkin that my husband expertly carved last year - he did an amazing job with it. This year the kids are wanting the pumpkin to be carved as a Minecraft Creeper - should be slightly easier than Sonic at least!

Chosen by You Mummy Cake £5.00
This Mummy Cake was top of my list when I went shopping but unfortunately it wasn't instock yet,. I'll be back to pick one up closer to Halloween. It's a classic madeira cake, filled with bloody plum and raspberry jam and topped with vanilla icing.

As you can see we picked up lots of goodies, but there's even more instore. Here's a few more that we spotted.

Chosen by You Gruesome Gooballs £1.00 

Skull Goblets £2.00

Skeletal Salad Servers £1.00.

Tableware from £1.00 each

There are lots more Halloween products to check out at Asda this year, such as sweets, chocolates, decorations and costumes - from the cute and spooky to the more gruesome and grisly!

I received an Asda Giftcard in order to purchase some Halloween products.


  1. Morrisons are doing some similar cookies. Just bought some gingerbread bats to decorate! :D

    1. I like those kinds of decorating kits - will look out for the bats!

  2. This is just an awesome-overload! Your grocery store brands are so much cooler than ours here in Canada. The only problem is that I would buy everything!


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