31 Oct 2013

Happy Halloween!


I can't resist posting another photo of this Halloween traybake that we made last year. It's a simple cake base, topped with crushed Oreo cookies for the mud, Nice biscuits for the gravestones, white chocolate mice, sprinkles, and a large spider and snake shaped sweets from the Pick n Mix counter at Wilkinsons. No Halloween baking for us this year as we're currently in the middle of some building works, and as of this week, I don't have a usable kitchen - scary!

If anyone has any recommendations for good microwaveable meals I'd be very grateful!

We could still carve pumpkins however, and yet again my hubby did a fantastic job. The kids loved this Pacman and ghost pumpkin design and it casts some great shadows on the walls.

Now I'm off to watch some scary movies whilst trying not to consume any more sugar today.

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