19 Oct 2013

Review: Sun-Pat Choc-a-Nut Peanut Spread

Even though I enjoy chocolate spreads and peanut butter, my husband is even more of a fan than I am. He's always on the lookout for any new product and has found some real gems over the years (I still miss the Coconut Chocolate Spread that Sainsbury's used to sell!). I had actually read about this new Sun-Pat Choc-a-Nut peanut spread on Kev's Snack Review blog but hadn't seen it instore anywhere, so I was more than happy when the other half found a jar recently.

It certainly sounds like a great idea, albeit a very simple one - to create a combination of chocolate spread and butter butter in one jar. The reality of this Sun-Pat spread does not actually equate to that promising combination, but it's a very tasty proposition in it's own right. Instead, this is a mix of smooth peanut spread with cocoa powder, rather than chocolate, which meant it had a deeper, darker flavour than I was expecting. Even though I've pictured this spread on a toasting waffle, I wouldn't recommend it eaten this way, it just didn't work well at all, and seemed to bring out a bitter flavour from the Choc-a-Nut spread. On a piece of toast, or bagel, however it is completely delicious! The result is not too sweet or greasy, with the rich cocoa flavour creating a very different type of spread.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Sun Pat Choc-a-Nut Peanut Spread

RATING: 8 out of 10
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (100g): 562 calories
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £2.25.


  1. Thanks for the mention Katherine :) I think they could really improve this spread by adding some real melted chocolate to it rather than cocoa powder, and perhaps some chocolate chips too :D

  2. I bought this in Tesco once and the peanut flavour overpowered the chocolate flavour.

  3. I absolutely love this stuff but cant get it anywhere now, Tesco don't stock it and the last one a friend got from her local independent store but they done have any now. I see its unavailable at Adsa and Amazon!


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