22 Oct 2013

Review: Milka Leo and Milka Toffee Whole Hazelnut (Zack) Bars

These Milka Leo and Toffee Ganznuss bars were recently sent to me by the fab folks at Monster Sweets. The bars both feature a rather nifty quick release wrapper - they just pull off at the end - although funnily enough I don't ever seem to have trouble opening up chocolate bars!

The Milka Leo is usually packaged in a four finger format, very much like a Kit Kat. This Milka Leo Zack version appears to be the equivalent of a Kit Kat Chunky - but is infinitely nicer in terms of taste!

Here, the vanilla wafer is covered in a thick layer of the classic Milka alpine milk chocolate. It's not as sickly sweet as the chocolate on a Kit Kat Chunky, giving the Milka Leo a more balanced and enjoyable flavour. It's a simple chocolate bar but it's completely delicious.

The Milka Toffee Ganznuss (or Toffee Whole Hazelnut) is described as milk chocolate with a milk cream, caramel cream and whole hazelnut filling.

It has a distinctive look, like lots of barrels in a row. It's worth noting that both these Milka chocolate bars are a very decent size, 45g and 43g respectively.

When I first cut into a segment, the delicious toffee scent was immediately evident. The flavour here was wonderfully creamy, with lots of extra sweetness from the soft toffee layer.

As I cut through a bit more, I discovered the whole hazelnut within. Each barrel shaped segment has one whole hazelnut, which adds a lovely crunch and subtle nuttiness. The inner filling is mostly dominated by the deliciously smooth toffee, and even though it's all very sweet, I absolutely loved the overall flavours.

Monster Sweets kindly sent me these products for an honest review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Check out Monster Sweets full range of European and US goodies HERE.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Milka Leo & Milka Toffee Whole Hazelnut

RATING: Milka Leo - 9 out of 10, 
Milka Toffee Whole Hazelnut - 10 out of 10 (loved it!).
Buy them again?: Absolutely.
Purchased: Available at Monster Sweets
Price: £1.09p each.


  1. Wow!! Both those bars look absolutely amazing!!

    I love Cadbury choc but I just really hope Kraft don't phase Milka out of UK shops in favour of it's "bigger" brother.

    I know it's very unlikely we'll ever see these in the UK which is such a shame.

    I don't understand it. Why can't we have ALL this great chocolate here? It's already made. If import websites can get them for us, why can't a huge company like Kraft just sell them over here, even if just in limited quantities??


    Anyways, another brilliant review of 2 incredible looking bars. Thanks as always!!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comments Scritti :)

      I agree about these Milka bars, they should be more widely available here. I'm sure they would be very popular!

  2. Gosh these look absolutely delicious, Milka I find tend to be a tad more interesting than Cadburys with their creations but hopefully they will soon follow their lead as they usually do! Great review :)


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