15 Oct 2013

Review: Cadbury Mini Animals Halloweenies

Beware of this truly gruesome Halloween product from Cadbury - the traditionally cute Animal biscuits have had a spooky makeover and now feature loathsome bats, spiders, mice, and other terrifying creatures.

There are six mini bags in a pack, each one taken over by a different monstrous critter, some more horrific than others. The ghastly biscuits are covered in Cadbury milk chocolate on the underside, with one of several despicable beasts depicted on the other.

Of course I'm just kidding, because these are all ridiculously cute! The Halloween creatures (or should I say Halloweenies) make these biscuits so much more fun that the usual animals! There's also a little Halloweenies fact on each packet such as: A group of rats is called a mischief. One bat can eat 600 to 1000 insects per hour. Toads run or take small hops rather than run. Overall, great fun from Cadbury - my kids loved them.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Cadbury Mini Animals Halloweenies

RATING: 8.5 out of 10
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (22g): 105 calories
Purchased: Wilkinsons.
Price: £1.00.


  1. Always loved these Cadburys 'animal' biscuits ever since I was a child! Always buy a few boxes at Christmas!

    1. I find it impossible to give a pack to the kids without sneaking a few biscuits for myself! They've got some really cute Christmas boxes for these at the moment too :)

  2. Like Jo I've always loved Animal biscuits too...there's just something about them! I wish they'd do a white chocolate version.

  3. Omg Kev yes a white chocolate version would be amazing. This is one product they've never experimented with much over the years.Just the mini versions in small packets but white choc is a fab idea! With white packaging replacing the traditional purple too would be great for that flavour!

  4. Such a brilliant idea Kev! I know that my kids would prefer a white choc version - I'm sure it would be very popular!

  5. I do love these biscuits; I snuck a bag into the shopping trolley last week and they're all gone already! The biscuit reminds me of a finely milled digestive, giving a great depth of flavour for something so small. Plus who can resist a bit of chocolate and some cute halloween animals? (Not me, that's for sure.)


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