10 Oct 2013

Review: Amadeo Solo - Milk Chocolate with Banana Filling

This lovely looking Amadeo Solo chocolate bar, is made by Edbol in Poland, and was sent to me by @Banjo_Chocolate, who as usual knows my tastes very well! I'm always on the lookout for banana flavoured chocolate so this is exactly something I would buy if I ever saw it. I like the bright banana-yellow outer wrapping, although I'm not sure why there is also a musical theme going on!

The Amadeo Solo is a fairly standard shape for a 100g bar. The outer chocolate has a good flavour, it's very sweet and quite creamy, with a slightly strong aftertaste. The centre is made up of a banana flavoured, soft chocolate filling. Usually when I try banana flavoured chocolates I end up disappointed with the lack of banana flavour, however that is not the case here. The banana is definitely prevalent, with it's fruitiness providing the main flavour, despite the fact that there isn't any banana listed in the ingredients! I can only assume that there are some sort of flavourings added, although that is not listed either.

The filling is not completely smooth, and has a slight texture to it, due to the surprising addition of dessicated coconut. A banana & coconut chocolate bar is probably my all time dream bar, but in this Amadeo the coconut is there for texture only and provides no flavour. Overall, this was a tasty chocolate providing a much appreciated taste of that elusive banana and chocolate combination!

Thank you so much to @Banjo_Chocolate, who also sent me some other delicious looking treats - reviews of those coming soon. Please support the campaign to get the Banjo Chocolate bar back in production! Check out the Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar Facebook page and please add your name to the petition!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Solo Banana

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition: (100g) 537 calories.


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a Banana flavoured chocolate product - though it has to be said that it really wouldn't be my favourite flavour, so I might have ignored them previously. That being said though; Great review! It sounds texturally interesting and quite novel for a chocolate bar.

  2. Just picked up a couple of these from my local 99p Store and the banana flavour is strong and the bar itself reminds me of those Chupa Chups Choco Banana lollies from back in the day.

    1. It does have a strong banana flavour, more so than I was expecting.

  3. I have just had a guess at why there are musical notes are on the wrapper. They could refer to the brand of the bar (Solo).


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