11 Oct 2013

Review: Starbucks Duffin - Doughnut & Muffin in one

A quick review of the new Starbucks Duffin, which has had a fair bit of publicity as a fusion between a muffin and a doughnut. It's a bit like the next chapter of the Cronut saga - the equally bizarre crossing of a croissant and a doughnut. Starbucks is not somewhere I visit often anymore (I used to be a big fan though), in fact I haven't been to one in quite a while. But today I was caught outside in the pouring rain, and decided to nip in for some much needed warmth. I bought a Pumpkin Spice Latte just to see if it had more pumpkin flavour than it did last year (review HERE)- nope, still no pumpkin to be found here. It's simply a lightly spiced latte, like a weaker version of a Gingerbread latte. 

It was hard to resist trying out the new Duffin at the same time. I mean it's a basically a doughnut in the shape of a muffin, something which is instantly appealing to the kid in me. Despite being partly appalled by this creation, I have to admit it's pretty tasty. The texture of the cake itself is extremely soft with a pleasant hint of vanilla and nutmeg. The top of the Duffin has the crunchy, sugary texture which is instantly recognisable as a doughnut, and sits perfectly with the softer muffin texture within. There is also a generous amount of sweet strawberry jam which finishes off the Duffin nicely.

I probably won't ever buy one again but it has plenty of novelty value, and I did enjoy it as a quick sugary treat.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Starbucks Duffin

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Probably not.
Purchased: Starbucks.
Price: £2.20


  1. I saw these in Starbucks the other day and wasn't sure whether to try one or not. Sounds like they're nothing all that special, especially for that price! And don't get me started on those pumpkin-less lattes..

    1. I spent £5.50 for one pumpkin latte (smallest size but paid extra for the privilege of soya milk) and one duffin = reason why I don't go to Starbucks anymore.


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