19 Apr 2015

New Instore: Asda Cherry & Cinnamon Pressé Drink and More

Asda Cherry & Cinnamon Pressé: For a cinnamon fan like me this just looks like a delicious combination. It's a sparkling blend flavoured with fruity cherry and a hint of warming cinnamon. I'll be tracking down this one soon. £0.50p each (250ml) at Asda.

Heidi Dark Chocolate: Asda is now stocking seven different varieties of Heidi dark chocolate bars. There are lots of interesting flvours such as Pistachio, Espresso, Cranberry and even a Mint & Lemon. £1.15p at Asda.

Liberté Yogurt Seeds & Mixed Fruit: I mentioned this new range of Liberté yogurt pots, which also includes a Muesli variety, in my previous post. There are two Seeds varieties; Seeds & Mixed Berries and Seeds & Mixed Fruit. £0.85p at Asda.

Many thanks to Lucy W. for all the great finds and photos in this post. As always, if you've spotted or bought any interesting new products then I'd love to hear from you too - grocerygems@gmail.com or @grocerygems.

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