17 Apr 2015

New Instore: Limited Edition Capri Sun, Quorn Ravioli & More

Limited Edition Capri Sun BanApple: A fruit juice drink flavoured with banana (5%) and apple (5%). I saw this on a pop up advert which was showing it as a Minions tie-in. £1.98p at Asda. 

Schogetten Black & White: I spotted the German chocolate brand Schogetten in my local Lidl this week. I've bought this range of chocolate before on holiday - it's a good value range and has some really interesting flavours (although they can be a bit hit and miss). I couldn't resist picking up two that I haven't seen before - the Black & White, which looks like a cookies and cream combo, and the Almond Brittle. £0.79p each at Lidl.

Many thanks to Fran for the next couple of photos!

Quorn Ravioli: I'm a big fan of Quorn products and I would definitely give this new Quorn Ravioli a try. Annoyingly it's not on the Asda website yet but it's been spotted instore at £1.99p.

Liberté Muesli & Apricot: Another new product from Liberté! I was already excited about the new Mango and Pear varieties but I'll also be adding this Muesli & Apricot pot to my next shopping list. Fran also spotted a Strawberry & Muesli variety and two with a fruit & seed layer. £0.85p at Asda.

Many thanks again to Fran for the great finds and photos. As always, if you've spotted or bought any interesting new products then I'd love to hear from you too - grocerygems@gmail.com or @grocerygems.

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