16 Apr 2015

New Instore Megapost Part 2: M&S Summer Range, Ice Cream, & Yogurt

Another new instore post today as there were too many photos to fit into one post! Many thanks to Lucy W. for the following photos of new products spotted instore.

M&S Summer Trifle Cookies (photo above): I'm not really a fan of M&S cookies (they're a bit too hard and crunchy, although they're fine for dunking) but I do appreciate how regularly they come up with innovative flavours. A Summer Trifle inspired cookie is certainly unique. Available at Marks & Spencer - will update with price.

M&S Strawberry & Dorset Clotted Cream Pancakes: A very British inspired pancake flavour. This looks like a pancake with the toppings already included! Available at Marks & Spencer - will update with price.

Waffletops Vanilla Fudge The Strawberry Blonde: This looks very different, almost like it's an overseas product. It's a waffle that is topped with a vanilla fudge icing and strawberry sprinkles. There are quite a few other flavours too - see a review on Reaching for Refreshment. Available at Asda.

Rolo Dark: A dark chocolate version of the classic toffee filled chocolate cups. £1.59p at Asda.

Limited Edition Rolo Dark Dessert: The new Rolo Dark is also available as a limited edition layered toffee and dark chocolate dessert. £1.98p at Asda.

Licktator Doughnut Disturb - Cinnamon Doughnut Ice Cream: A cinnamon doughnut flavoured ice cream? Yes please! Mr Grocery Gems if you are reading this - your mission is codenamed: "FIND THE LICKTATOR CINNAMON DOUGHNUT ICE CREAM AND BRING IT HOME". Licktator also have other ice cream flavours including; Marshallow, Vanilla Custard, and Popcorn. £3.00p at Ocado (also available at Co-Op).

Müller Light Inspired by Fiji - Mango, Papaya & Banana: I only ever buy these types of Müller Light pots when there is a new flavour (I prefer their Greek Style Yogurts) and I'll certainly be looking out for this new Limited Edition. Mango and banana sounds like a great combination for a yogurt flavour! £0.68p each at Asda.

I have one more new instore post today so please do check back later! Many thanks again to Lucy W. for all the great photos. As always, if you've spotted or bought any interesting new products then I'd love to hear from you too - grocerygems@gmail.com or @grocerygems


  1. M&S have so many new products in for their new cross category range Taste of the British Isles - so many yummy looking things! I've tried the Liberte Pear yoghurts and I love them! Really want to try that Muller Light flavour too. I'm not normally a massive fan of the texture of their yoghurts but the flavour sounds interesting.

    1. I really need to get to an M&S this weekend. I love it when they start their new seasonal range!


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