2 Apr 2015

Review: The Cereal Killer Cafe (London Shoreditch)

A couple of weeks ago we visited the Cereal Killer Cafe, a kooky little cafe that's all about the wonderful world of cereal - with a generous sprinkling of 1980's memorabilia on top. All the walls in the Cereal Killer Cafe are decorated with cereal boxes, past and present, and every nook is laden with cereal related memorabilia.

Cereal Alphabet Art
It's a popular place but we got there quite early so we didn't have any problems with queues. Even though it's only a tiny place we managed to get some seats (and practically had the whole downstairs room to ourselves).

The downstairs seating area also has a wall of retro TV sets playing old cartoons (which my kids were fascinated by!). I also liked the mismatched tables which feature plastic cereal bowls that have been turned into lighting. All the walls are filled with merchandise relating to popular cereals from the past.

Retro Cereal Advert
Anyone who was around in the 1980s will know that cereals were much cooler back then, complete with little plastic toys inside the box or coupons to collect an even better toy, like a Tony the Tiger skateboard. It was fun to visit a place that is essentially a mini cereal museum! 

There are lots of different options available on the menu - from British, American or Global cereals, all available in a range of sizes, with different milk and topping options. You can also get Pop Tarts or toast with different toppings. The real highlight for me are the Cereal Cocktails which are themed combinations of different cereals in one bowl. There are 11 different Cereal Cocktail combinations to choose including one called "Unicorn Poop", a sugary sweet combination of Ricicles, Party Rings, Marshmallow Fluff and Sprinkles. 

In the end we decided against the Unicorn Poop but here are the Cereal Cocktails we tried:

Don't Have A Cinna-Man: This was an obvious choice for the cinnamon crazy Mr Grocery Gems. It's a very enjoyable combination of Curiously Cinnamon, Golden Grahams, and Apple Jacks. 

Double Rainbow: A sugar rush in the form of the Double Rainbow - good for anyone who likes American cereals and wants something that is completely different to any cereals you can get in the UK. It's a combination of Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Marshmallows, and strawberry flavoured milk. 

Bananarama: I immediately chose the Bananarama cereal cocktail to try - it has banana AND Nutella in a bowl so there was no contest! It's a combination of Banana Mini Weetabix, sliced banana, Nutella and banana flavoured milk. This may look boring in comparison to some of the other choices but it was just amazing! The best part is that this one is easy to recreate at home too (and yes I have done that a few times since!). 

Overall, it's a great little place and I thoroughly recommend a visit if you're in the Shoreditch area. For more information check out the Cereal Killer Cafe WEBSITE

Grocery Gems Review: The Cereal Killer Cafe

Rating: 10 out of 10.
Go there again: Yes.
Location: 139 Brick Lane, London E1 6SB.


  1. A great concept, those little milk bottles are cute. How much was the milk and a bowl of cereal? £3?

    1. I really liked the mini milk bottles, to the extent that I've been looking for some to buy!

      The prices vary as there are small, medium and large sizes available and depending on the cereal itself. However the cheapest option is about £2.50p, going up to around £4.70 for some of the "Cereal Cocktails".

  2. I've been to that cafe a few times since it is close to my uni and I agree the seating is minimal but I love the retro merchandise and music. I've tried the Double Rainbow and Bananarana (without the Nutella because they forgot it) cocktails and they were great. The staff are friendly and helpful too.

    1. Hi April, great to hear that you enjoyed the Cereal Killer Cafe aswell.

      We actually went back a second time and really enjoyed it again. Although it was busier and they did forget one of our toppings too. I agree that the staff are really great in there, very friendly :)

    2. There is now another Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden Stables Market that you and your family might want to check out too. I went last week and it is bigger than the one in Brick Lane. I had a cereal cocktail called Shooty Shooty Bang Bang, which consists of Krave Roulette, Twix Mix, Nutella, Popping Candy and vanilla milk.

    3. Thanks so much April! I really want to check out the new location in Camden. I love that they kept the retro theme (the beds are a great idea too!).

      The Shooty Shooty Bang Bang sounds awesome!! Definitely the one I'll be going for - thanks for the recommendation!


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