14 Apr 2015

Review: Beech's Raspberry Creams

I've reviewed quite a few products from the Beech's range of traditional British chocolates, including four flavours of their Chocolate Creams. Raspberry is a flavour I haven't really paid much attention to in the past but for some reason it's growing in my affections. I couldn't resist picking up the Beech's Raspberry Creams when I spotted them in TK Maxx for just £1.79 a box.

Beech's have been making traditional chocolates since 1920 and all their products are made using natural flavourings and colours. This fondant filled dark chocolate range is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Inside the box, there are ten disc shaped raspberry fondant creams that are covered in dark chocolate. The inner fondant is very sweet and the raspberry adds a subtle fruity flavour. 

I've now reviewed 5 of the flavours in the Beech's Creams range (there are 8 different ones in total). I just need to find the Coffee, Lime and Strawberry flavours to complete the whole range!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Beech's Raspberry Creams

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy It again?: Yes.
Purchased: TK Maxx.
Price: £1.79 (usually £2.99p each). 


  1. I've tried the strawberry flavour and it is delicious! I'll look out for this when I next go shopping.

    1. I have a feeling the strawberry ones will be my favourites! Not sure why they've been so hard to find.

  2. I really wana try the coffee ones!

  3. The coffee is my favourite, but they are all lovely really!


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