4 Apr 2015

New Instore: Müller Corner Coffee Flavours! Müller Corner Mochaccino & Müller Bliss Corner Cappuccino

A couple of new coffee flavoured Müller Corner yogurts that are exclusive to Tesco. These are both Limited Edition flavours and are part of a "Vote for Me to Stay" promotion by Müller. 

Müller Corner Mochaccino: These are coffee flavoured yogurts with a side portion of dark chocolate coffee biscuits. Such a great idea! £2.69p at Tesco (or 2 for £4.00p).

Müller Bliss Corner Cappuccino: A whipped Greek style yogurt with a side portion of coffee sauce. This also sounds really good! I think it will be hard to choose between them. £2.69p at Tesco (or 2 for £4.00p).

A big THANK YOU to Lucy W. for this great find and the photo!  Let me know if you've tried any of these new flavours. Which one will you be voting for? 

For more information take a look at: www.votemullercoffee.co.uk/

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