24 Apr 2015

New Instore at Iceland - Part 2!

A few more new items that I spotted in Iceland recently. 

Iceland Cone Sensations Peanut & Banana (above): Another interesting flavour from Iceland, especially for an ice cream cone. This one has a peanut flavoured ice cream with a banana sauce in the middle. Only £1.00p for 4 cones.

Iceland Black Forest Cheesecake: This is a combination of chocolate cheesecake, decorated with cream, morello cherries and topped with dark chocolate flakes. I think Iceland had a similar cheesecake previously but that one contained brandy. £1.50p each.

Massive Ben & Jerry's tubs: This is not a new product but I don't recall ever seeing Ben & Jerry's ice cream in such big tubs before! Iceland has 750ml tubs, instead of the usual 500ml tubs (like the Dairy Milk tubs in the photo above), in the Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Cookie Dough varieties. £4.00p each. 

Iceland Majestics Cookie Orange Crunch: I mentioned the new Peach Melba flavoured Majestics in my previous post but there is also this new Cookie Orange Crunch variety available. Both are very original flavours for ice cream sticks. £1.50p - pack of 3.

Iceland King Cones: These monsters are more than DOUBLE the size of a regular ice cream cone. They're certainly going against the trend of mini versions of ice creams. Available in Vanilla or Chocolate. £2.00p - pack of 2.

Iceland Cheesy Potato Swirls: I didn't really look at these too closely but they're frozen swirls of mashed potato with added cheese (Red Leicester). £1.00 each pack.

Iceland Dipping Chips: These are described on the front as "scoop shaped chips". From what I could see, they look like wider chips with a deep groove down the middle. Available in Chip Shop Curry and Garlic & Rosemary varieties. £1.00p each pack .

Let me know if you've spotted any other new products at Iceland or if you've tried any of the products above!


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