1 May 2015

Around the World: County Clare, Ireland - Hazel Mountain Chocolate

My brother recently sent me a few treats from Ireland, including this great looking Hazel Mountain Chocolate bar with White Chocolate & Sour Cherries. The Hazel Mountain Chocolate bar range is made by @burrenchocolate, a bean to bar chocolatier, in a unique stone ground chocolate factory in County Clare, Ireland. It's a beautiful part of the world and the Hazel Mountain Chocolate shop certainly looks like a stunning place to visit! 

Knowing that I'm a sweet tooth, and that I like unusual combinations, my lovely brother sent me this White Chocolate with Sour Cherries handcrafted bar. The ingredients are fab (there are only 6 ingredients listed on the back) and include cocoa butter, natural vanilla flavour and dried sour cherries. 

The chocolate has eight large sections, each indented with the Hazel Mountain Chocolate, Burren Chocolatier logo. The dried sour cherries are mostly on the back of the chocolate, as if they were sprinkled on at the end, rather than being inside the bar.

The chocolate base is a smooth, and very creamy, white chocolate that has a light vanilla edge to it. The little pieces of sour cherries add a little bit of extra flavour, and even though they are not too sour, they still add a tangy balance to the super sweet white chocolate. The combination of the white chocolate and dried cherries is ultimately quite a simple one, but they work together wonderfully to create a very enjoyable chocolate bar.

A big thank you to my brother for sending me this bar from County Clare, Ireland, which is where he lives. Discovering new treats and brands has always my favourite part of this blog and this one is extra special!

More Info: www.hazelmountainchocolate.com

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