13 May 2015

New Instore: Sweet Treats & Savoury Bites

A round up of a few more new products spotted instore!

KP XL Crunchy Coated Peanuts: Thanks to Richard W. for letting me know about these on Twitter. The interesting aspect of the new Crunchy Coated nuts from KP is that they are a "McCoys Flame Grilled Steak" flavour. There is also a Sweet Chilli flavour available. I'll have a review up soon. £1.00p at Waitrose.

Waitrose Tropical Pineapple, Passion fruit & Coconut Colada Ice Lollies: Not sure if they are new for this year or if they are returning from last summer. It's certainly an appealing combination of flavours! £2.99p at Waitrose (four pack).

Waitrose Coconut Water Ice Lollies: These coconut water ice lollies come in two flavours - Coconut & Lime and Mandarin & Yuzu. The latter is an interesting new combination. £2.99p at Waitrose (four pack). 

Yeo Valley Limited Edition Black Cherry Yogurt: At first glance, Black Cherry might not seem the most exciting flavour for a Limited Edition yogurt. However, Yeo Valley explains that they have been searching for organic black cherries that meet their standards. £1.50p at Waitrose. 

McCain Spicy Peri-Peri Fries: Thank you to Aaron R. for the next couple of photos. I don't normally buy oven chips but I really want to try this new Peri-Peri flavour from McCain. Spotted at Asda (will update with price once it's online).

McCain Steakhouse Ridge Cute Fries Beef Flavour: These are described as being "Jam Packed with Great Flavour". The flavour in question here being Beef - but don't worry these are suitable for vegetarians. £2.50p at Asda.

A couple of food news items too (although I haven't spotted these instore yet!):

Image: Danone
Danone Disney Frozen & Star Wars Yogurts: A new range of Disney Frozen and Star Wars yogurts and "Shaker Yogurt Drinks" from Danone. The yogurts are both Strawberry & Mixed Berries flavour and the yogurt drinks are Strawberry flavoured. Both available at Sainsbury's - £1.60p for the yogurts, £1.30p for the drinks. 

Aero Mousse: A new chocolate bar from Aero which is due to be launched next week. It consists of the familiar Aero bubbly chocolate with an added layer of chocolate mousse. It's a shame that the mousse isn't flavoured but I'm still looking forward to giving the new Aero Mousse a try. 

Thanks again to Aaron R.! As always, if you've spotted or bought any interesting new products then I'd love to hear from you - grocerygems@gmail.com or @grocerygems.


  1. I have to say cherry is one of my favourite yoghurt flavours and I really like a lot of yeo valleys range. I found this black cherry one to be a little bland in cherry flavour tbh, also not enough cherry chunks for my liking!

    1. Totally agree! Thought it was just me!


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