14 May 2015

Reader Review: Ski Mousse Limited Edition Peach Swirled With Raspberry Sauce

Welcome to a new Reader Review! Today's review is once again courtesy of Aaron R:

I love Yoghurts and Mousses, I'm always on the hunt for new brands and flavours, I also love looking at the vast array on offer in the dedicated aisle of whichever supermarket I happen to be frequenting! Nestle Ski Mousse's seem to have had a bit of a revival the last couple of years with more flavours coming to market and are popular as a quick snack throughout the day.

The flavour I'm going to review is the New  Limited Edition Peach Swirled With Raspberry Sauce Flavour (they come in a 4 Pack). I love these Mousse's they are low in calories and the new flavours really do make them a guilt-free tasty treat! I especially like another of the flavours - Coconut Swirled With Chocolate Sauce (I know Katherine is a lover of all things Coconut much like myself!!).

The first thing I noticed about this Mousse wasn't the taste but was actually the smell, a really sweet Peach scent. The Mousse itself has a familiar fluffy texture with a super creamy taste and is extremely smooth. The peach taste isn't particularly artificial tasting, I enjoyed it (peach can be a hard taste to replicate in Yoghurts/Mousses). 

What gives this Ski Mousse an extra sweet kick is the Raspberry Sauce which I found made the overall product quite refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable. The sauce wasn't particularly runny either it was perfectly swirled and embedded into the Mousse.

I usually match what kinda Yoghurts/Mousses to seasons/weather, something lighter in the summer and more luxurious in the colder winter months (not saying I haven't been known to have the odd indulgent moment in summer too!). This is definitely the type of sweet treat dessert that is ideal to pop in a chiller box for warm days in the park or even to take to work (like I do!).

Overall it is quite a sweet desert so I would say if your inclined to have a sweet treat & you want something different then a chocolate based dessert pot, this could be the one for you!

Grocery Gems Review: SKi Mousse Peach & Raspberry Sauce

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per pot)
 74 calories.
Price: £1.38p  each or 2 packs for £2.00p.

Note from Katherine: A big thank you to Aaron R. for the great review! I'm certainly a fan of the Coconut & Chocolate Ski Mousse and I'm looking forward to trying this Peach version too.

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