18 May 2015

Review: Müller Kids Corner Yogurt - Summer Edition

Just a quick post on this cute new summer themed Kids Corner yogurt from Müller. There have been lots of limited edition in this range, such as the recent Müller Kids Corner Easter Eggs and the previous Müller Kids Corner Blast Off! yogurts. 

This new summer edition features another bright and colourful theme and consists of a vanilla flavoured yogurt with a portion of white chocolate coated cereal dolphins (that are actually blue!). It's not really necessary to describe the flavour here in too much detail as it's the same as all the previous vanilla yogurt/white chocolate cereal combinations from Müller mentioned above. It's a lovely sweet yogurt and one that my kids really enjoy (and so do I!).

 Grocery Gems Review: Müller Kids Corner Summer Yogurt

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per 100g): 137 calories. 
Purchased: Asda. 
Price: £2.38p for multipack of 4 (half price offer).


  1. Ooh, a non gendered kids food item- HOORAH! I bet the taste didn't suffer for the lack of pink sparkles! Brill x

    1. Good point! I think they may have stopped doing the gender themed Kids Corner yogurts now (where they used to have a choice of two Limited Editions).


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