15 May 2015

Review: Iceland Bellissima Chocolate Italian Gelato

I bought this a few weeks ago after blogging about the new ranges instore at Iceland. This Italian Gelato was particularly appealing to me as it's a combination of three different chocolate flavoured ice creams; White Chocolate, Chocolate & Cocoa, and Hazelnut & Chocolate. There is also a fruity version available too.

The ice cream looks gorgeous with it's swirly peaks and sprinkling of white chocolate curls decorating the top. It has a lovely creamy ice cream texture too, whilst still being quite light and fluffy. The flavours are all absolutely delicious too - I was seriously impressed with just how good all the flavours are here. I was expecting the "White Chocolate" portion to just taste like vanilla ice cream but instead it has a lovely melted white chocolately flavour. The Chocolate & Cocoa ice cream has a rich and intense chocolate flavour whilst still being sweet and creamy. However, it was the Hazelnut & Chocolate quarter that was my favourite, it's not quite Nutella in ice cream form, but it still captures a chocolate and hazelnut combination successfully.

Grocery Gems Review: Iceland Bellissima Chocolate Italian Gelato

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Iceland.
Price: £2.00p (for 850ml tub).


  1. This is a great blog I love the articles I have added it to my bookmarks will be back for more :)

  2. Please do a review on the Iceland Ice Cream Biscuits! Thank you! :)


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