8 May 2015

New Instore: Doritos Roulette & More!

A few more new products spotted instore recently:

Doritos Roulette (above): I mentioned these before but I finally found them available instore at Tesco. Each pack is made up of Tangy Cheese Doritos with a few Hot Chilli flavour thrown in too. I'll have a review soon! £1.00p at Tesco.

Onken Greek Style Apple and Spiced Cinnamon: This is a combination that really appeals to me. I'll definitely be trying it at some point. There is also a new Onken Greek Style Rhubarb with Fiery Ginger available too (see photo below). £1.79p each at Tesco.

Yeo Valley Greek Style with Ginger (centre): Thank you to Lucy W. who sent me this photo of the two new Onken Greek Style yogurts and also the new Yeo Valley Greek Style with Ginger. £1.80p at Tesco.

Rachel's Inspirations Organic Yogurt: I think these have been out for a few months. Rachel's Organic launched this Inspirations range as an "evening yogurt". There are two flavours; Cherry & Dark Chocolate and Apple & Butterscotch. £1.99p each at Waitrose.

Haribo Tangfastics Frenzy Edition: I took a quick photo of these but I didn't get a chance to take a closer look at them. It says "New Flavours" but I'm not sure what those are - if you have any idea then let me know in the comments below! £1.00p at Primark (by tills).

Maryland Mix'ems: Two varieties for this new range; Fruit Jellies & Candy Shells and Popcorn, Caramel & Candy Shells. As Danielle pointed out on Twitter, these look quite similar to the recent Chips Ahoy cookies. £1.00p in local discount store.

The Fabulous Bakers Bars: This is a great looking range of popcorn and fruity bars in a variety of interesting flavours. There are Raspberry & White Chocolate Popcorn Bars, and also Apricot, Almond & White Chocolate Popcorn Bars, aswell as Mango & Pineapple Bars. £1.79p at Asda (four pack). Thank you to Lucy W. for the photo.

The Fabulous Bakers Banana Brunch Bars: There is also a Banana Brunch variety available too. I actually bought this variety and found it quite disappointing, mainly because of the lack of any banana or cinnamon flavour! £1.79p at Asda.

M&S Victoria Sponge Muffin: There are lots of new British inspired products for summer at M&S. The Victoria Sponge Muffins have a jam and cream centre with extra cream on top - they look delicious! £1.00p at Marks & Spencer.

Nakd Fruit & Nut Nibbles: I've mentioned these in a previous New Instore post but here is a photo of all 7 varieties together. Thank you again to Lucy W. for the photo and for letting me know that the Nakd Nibbles are currently available on their website for £6.50p for the whole range including delivery.

As always, if you've spotted or bought any interesting new products then I'd love to hear from you - grocerygems@gmail.com or @grocerygems.


  1. Ooh some cool new snacks there! I'm still yet to find the mint naked nibbles, might have to put in an order. I'm curious what the new tangfastics flavour is.

    1. I've only seen a few of the naked nibbles flavours instore, I'm tempted to do an order online too just to try them all.

      I'll try to update when I figure out the tangfastics flavour!

  2. I was so tempted to try the Victoria sponge muffin but was trying to be good!
    Speaking of yoghurt, I thought you might be interested in alpro's dairy free coconut yoghurt seeing as it seems to be a favourite flavour!

    1. Yes, same here Anon! The M&S bakery section has far too much temptation!

      And thanks for the heads up about Alpro coconut yogurt - I'll definitely look out for that one :)

  3. New Tangfastic flavour sounds interesting! I think the yeo valley with ginger has been out for a while though. Will you be reviewing the new limited edition flavour from The Collective dairy? As their yoghurts are utter perfection

    1. ooh what's the latest Collective Dairy flavour? I find it hard to keep up with them as they always have "new" even when they're not. I did try their Coconut & Lime yesterday which was just perfection!

      Thanks for letting me know about the Yeo Valley with Ginger. I found another Yeo Valley yogurt today which might be newer - a Limited Edition Black Cherry.

  4. oooh, now Nakd nibbles are on the website, i'll have to get the full range, yay

    1. Yeah, it's a great deal. I've only seen the Salted Caramel, Tooty Fruity and Toffee Treat varieties instore.


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