28 May 2015

Review: Müller Light Coconut Sprinkled with Dark Chocolate Yogurt - Limited Edition

Thank you to Amber who emailed me about this new limited edition Müller Light Coconut Sprinkled with Dark Chocolate. Müller are constantly bringing out new limited editions, and it appears the popular Müller Light Cappuccino has been replaced replaced with this latest coconut flavour (which I believe was previously released as a limited edition a few years ago). 

The Müller Light Coconut Sprinkled with Dark Chocolate has a slightly runny texture and light creamy taste. The coconut flavour here is very strong, possibly the strongest in a yogurt I've tried so far. It has that artificial, and very sweet, type of coconut flavour rather than a fresh, natural coconut flavour. To be honest I'm a fan of both types of coconut and I didn't mind the sweet and strong taste here. The chocolate flecks are very small but somehow they still manage to give subtle bursts of chocolate flavour. Overall, it's an enjoyable pairing, but not an especially exciting one.

Grocery Gems Review: Müller Light Coconut & Dark Choc Yogurt

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per 100g)
 54 calories.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £0.68p.


  1. The lady in front of me in the Tesco queue just bought about eight of these!

    1. That's a dedicated coconut fan! I'd get bored if I had the same flavour too often!


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