9 May 2015

Around the World: Iceland - Nizza Lakkrís Chocolate

A massive thank you to Danielle who sent me a selection of three different Icelandic chocolate bars for my Around the World Challenge. I've been trying to find a snack from Iceland to include in this challenge for a long while now so I'm extremely grateful to Danielle for her kindness in helping me out. 

Sirius Nizza chocolates are available in a range of flavours such as Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Crispy Corn and this Licorice "Lakkrís" flavour.

Licorice is not a flavour I usually enjoy but I was still curious to see how well it would work in a chocolate bar. It's an unusual combination here in the UK but one that is very popular in other parts of the world. The Nizza base milk chocolate has a lovely creamy and smooth flavour. It's quite sweet but still offers a decent cocoa hit. The licorice itself comes in the form of small soft and chewy balls within the chocolate itself. I really enjoyed the texture of the licorice here, it's initially chewy but soon melts away almost like a caramel. The flavour was surprisingly good too, a mild and sweet licorice with a slightly salty edge - it actually tastes delicious with the creamy milk chocolate. This is exactly why I love trying out products from around the world and discovering new flavours that I haven't tried before!

Many thanks again to Danielle for sending me the above Icelandic chocolate bars. Look out for my reviews of the Nóa Kropp and the Sambó Sæla (love all these names) soon!

Around the World: Nizza Lakkrís Chocolate Bar

Country of Origin: Iceland.
Made by: Nói Sirius - www.noi.is
Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Nóa kropp is pretty much the icelandic national treasure, although you got it in a chocolate bar form its usually just little balls that come in a huge bag. Excited for your review!

    1. Thanks for the info Kristín! I really can't wait to try the Kropp :)

  2. O nooo! I hate licorice :P

    1. haha it is a love or hate thing - but this one is really worth trying!

  3. yay! glad you liked it - I'm more of a plain chocolate person, but Noi sirus chocolate is so creamy - on my first visit we just randomly used a vending machine for a snack and i've been hooked ever since - i over dose on everything liquorice when I'm there! (like a cappucino!) - I've not tried either of the other 2 bars, so will look forward to the review!

    1. Thanks again Danielle, it really was a lovely treat!

      Oh dear, I just sent you a parcel of chocolate but I don't think there is anything plain in there! Hope you like them anyway :)

      How lucky that you chose the Nizza from the vending machine, it's such a great find. Although I've just tried the Kropp today and oh my, that one is delicious too (review coming soon!).

      And is there really such a thing as liquorice cappucino?? I think I need to try that!

    2. oh i eat non plain chocolate, but i'll usually graviatate toward it, altho im into dairy milk a lot more than i was!

      i had my cappucino from Te Og Kaffi which is like their version of Starbucks, with shops all over the place, combined with book stores sometimes - here's their menu http://www.teogkaffi.is/Kaffihusin/vetrardrykkir - their latte machicto was bloody nice too! i did buy some syrup to try and re create, but i dont really know what im doing!

      the first tme i went, i had an ice cream which since not found again but it was like a Feast but instead of chocolate in the middle it was liquroce! mmmm


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