30 Aug 2012

Cadbury's Boost Stix chocolate bar

These Cadbury's Boost Stix are one of my favourite chocolate bars. I've bought it a few times in the UK from stores such as CyberCandy. I always assumed it was a US imported chocolate but I've recently discovered it is actually made for the Australian market.

Let me start by saying that I am quite a big fan of the original Boost chocolate bar. I know they are a complete sugar overload but I can't help myself. The Boost bar is a combination of biscuit pieces and caramel covered with Cadbury's chocolate. It's a really hefty piece of confectionary but one that I find delicious. A Boost bar can stop any sweet craving dead in it's tracks. I don't fancy anything sweet for days after eating one but that's part of the charm.

The great thing about these Boost Stix is that they have the same great taste of the regular Boost but with some crucial differences. The main one being that the Boost Stix is split into two thinner bars. Essentially it is a Boost crossed with a Twix. (Can you see what thay did there?... Stix... Twix). This means there is more chocolate coating but much less of the super sweet biscuit and caramel filling. Also having two individual bars means it is possible to eat one and save one for later. Much less of a sugar overload!

The chocolate is lovely and thick, and there is more of it then on the normal Boost bar. The chocolate is the basic Cadbury's Dairy Milk that covers many other bars. It might not be the best quality chocolate in the world but it's Cadbury's and I love it. The Boost Stix filling is also a combination of caramel and biscuit. This might sound like a Twix but in the Boost bar the biscuit is in pieces and encased in the caramel rather than being two seperate layers. This gives it an extra crumbliness that a Twix doesn't have.

Overall I think the ratio of more chocolate and less filling works better so I actually prefer these Boost Stix to the original Boost. I just wish it was more readily available in the UK.

If you like Boost bars then definitely give these a go!


  1. Lets just say I feel another Cyber Candy order coming on...

  2. so disappointed that no one remembers the "One /Two" Chocolate bar :( - it had advert pt1 at start of adverts and one just before the program started again - had long two bars with a serated bit in middle so could split them apart.
    Only ever seen a very blurred image on a forum years ago......I can't be the only one who remembers them!???
    The adverts were like fake quiz show Mr & Mrs type thing.....and he had to decide whether would share it with her or not.........
    you found out in the second half.....wasn't anyone doing adverts like that before was cutting edge.......

    1. I remember the One-Two... been searching on forums etc for twenty-five years... nowt! Seems to be some dispute as to whether it was made by Cadburys or Rowntree Mackintosh - my memory tells me it was Cadburys, but I might be wrong. Remember the ads too - the first I recall that opened and closed the ad break, definitely. I've got a friend who is a Prof of Film, has access to the BFI vaults... I'll ask him if he can put it on the list.
      p.s. Can we also have a moment's silence for Coconut Boosts and Cabanas. Nice one!


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