27 Aug 2012

US Fruit Loops Limited Edition cereal Sooper Loopers (CyberCandy)

Even though Kellogg's have recently released a UK version of Froot Loops I was still excited to receive this box of US Limited Edition Froot Loops Sooper Loopers (that's a tongue twister!) as a gift.

I've already mentioned on this blog that the ingredients between the UK and US versions are very different. The US version is packed full of sugar and colourings while the UK version has less sugar and only natural colours. Sure enough the first thing I noticed about the US cereal are the fantastic colours! I don't think we will ever get a UK cereal that includes such a bright blue colour, it must be illegal!

What makes these Froot Loops Sooper Loopers a Limited Edition? Not much it seems, but they do have a new cereal shape which looks like the number 8. They have quite a funky advert on Youtube which doesn't help explain the significance of the shape but I did learn that they are "part of a balanced breakfast". I wonder what you would have to eat to balance out this cereal and make it healthy, some raw spinach and a cholesterol lowering yogurt perhaps?

If you haven't tried US Froot Loops then you really should give them a go, they are unlike anything you can get on these shores. The flavour is super sweet and fruity but the real surprise was the lemon taste, which is quite dominant. It's a very sweet fruity flavour which is nicely moreish. The front of the box says that there are "natural fruit flavours" but the ingredients don't actually list any real fruit. According to google the flavours are Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Blueberry, and Berry. They all tasted quite lemony to me.

I'd be wary of giving these to my kids and I'm glad we have a healthier version here in the UK, but even I can't deny that this is a really fun cereal!


  1. the UK version is no where near as good as the US one :S

    shame the US version is pretty expensive over here!

  2. American groceries are usually full of awful ingredients such as HFCS and masses of artificial flavourings/colourings, be glad we don't get it here.

  3. The colour in the American one comes from petroleum, do you really want to eat that. The current fad for American sweets/food is sad as they use abysmal ingredients which are often banned in the UK and Europe but American companies use the lowest grade vile fakefood products for their domestic customers. They are light years behind European groceries in quality (though some progress is being made). Say no to GMO, artificial colours, artificial flavourings,TBHQ, HFCS etc... Don't let the cartoon characters on the boxes and the fact you have a love of Americana fool you, they are terrible, hugely inferior products that are no good for you, if you want junk, buy UK/Euro junk/treats - they are infinitely superior. Why pay more for worse quality? The characters on the boxes and the films/TV shows you've seen them on won't make them any less catastrophic for your body.or any less of a rip-off.


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