26 Aug 2012

Snickers Cruncher Bar

Another chocolate that was only discovered because of the great 10 Foreign Chocolate Bars 001 youtube video from @chocitout. Just like the Aero Boci Strawberry I was very happy when I found this Snickers Cruncher in a local newsagents. This chocolate bar seems to have been imported from Holland. It has been available in UK shops for a while but for some reason has totally passed me by.

I have to admit that gender lines are firmly drawn between me and my husband when it comes to chocolate. Even though my hubby doesn't eat that much chocolate, Mars & Snickers are probably the bars he would go for, whereas I rarely eat them. They just don't appeal to me as much as other chocolates.

The description on the packaging of the Snickers Cruncher describes it as "Milk Chocolate with fresh Roasted Peanuts (21%), Crisped Rice (13%), mixed in Caramel (26%)".

The chocolate coating is much thinner than on a regular Snickers which gives the bar a much lighter texture than I was expecting. There is also no nougat layer in this one. Instead the filling is made up of crunchy rice and peanuts all held together with creamy caramel. The peanuts had a lovely salty flavour which constrasted nicely with the rest of the sweet flavours. The caramel is not too chewy or sticky. It has a lovely soft texture and holds all of the other flavours together nicely.

Overall there is something to be said for this lighter chocolate bar. The original Snickers is quite heavy and this Snickers Cruncher is an enjoyable alternative. It's not over filling and provides just the right amount of chocolate snack. My husband really enjoyed it and would definitely buy it again.

If you have tried the Snickers Cruncher, leave your thoughts below!


  1. I agree with your comment about Snickers being something a man is more likely to go for as I didn't even know these existed! Hubby however informs me that he has had these loads of times and loved them! Maybe I will have to give it a go!

  2. Hi Hannah,
    My husband loves them too, they are his favourite choc at the moment.
    Quite hard to find near me though.


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