3 Aug 2012

Cadbury's London 2012 Mascot Themed Chocolates

I've heard some criticism about the Olympic Mascots, Wenlock & Mandeville, especially about the way they look with their giant one eyed stare. Wenlock and Mandeville might not have proved very popular with adults but I know that my children love them and feel closer to the Olympic events through them. They have had cuddly toys of the mascots for quite a while now and they are both well worn from being constantly dragged around!

Living in London my kids are obviously very excited about the Olympics anyway. I was pleased to find the extensive range of Cadbury's mascot themed chocolates and jelly sweets in Poundland in a 2 for £1 deal. These are new shapes and packaging for London 2012 but the chocolate itself is classic Dairy Milk. These make great treats for kids, especially at the moment.

My kids loved this Wenlock shaped large chocolate figure. It's essentially the same as an Easter egg but with a curvy Wenlock shape. It also has his features etched into the chocolate which is a nice touch. If you've ever had any type of Cadbury's Easter egg before then you will know exactly what this tastes like.

There are also these Cadbury's chocolate lollipops and mini chocolate characters, all in the shape of the mascots.

Cadbury's also own Bassett's which has produced these Mini Jelly Mascots. They are made with natural colours and fruit juice. There are two shapes of sweet, Wenlock with his arm raised and Mandeville in running motion. There were five different flavours in our pack and they all had a sweet fruity flavour.

The shops are full of these chocolates and sweets at the moment, apparently they have not been selling as well as expected, which is probably why they are now in Poundland.

What do you think of Cadbury's Olympic mascot range?


  1. They're nice enough I think, but a little boring- I'm really surprised that Cadbury haven't taken the chance (with the Olympics on) to plug the Wispa Gold and associated products.

    The only thing i've seen of the 'Gold' link is the Wispa Gold McFlurry from McDonalds. I would have made a really big deal out of it.

  2. I agree - Cadbury's should have been more innovative for the Olympics. These mascot chocolates have been around since last year and they haven't released anything new into the range.

    Great idea about the Wispa Gold, they missed a trick there! Have you seen the Dairy Milk Olympic Editions? Nuts for Gold, Silvery Creme and Bronzed Creme Crunch? I haven't tried these yet but they look quite dull.

  3. I think the Olympic Mascots have been brilliant for getting kids into the Olympic spirit. My kids think Wenlock & Mandeville look like "Plankton" from SpongeBob Squarepants!

    I'll go out tomorrow and buy some of these chocolates for my kids. They'll be super happy.


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