11 Aug 2012

Milka & Oreo Review (Cybercandy)

If you are thinking there is something a bit strange about my Milka & Oreo chocolate bar in the photo above then you'd be right. I happened to buy it on one of the hottest days of the year so far, in CyberCandy's Covent Garden shop, and then proceeded to take it home on the even hotter London Underground. The result was one completely melted chocolate bar, I could feel that it was all squidgey through the wrapper... chocolate disaster!

But being an eternal optimist (when it comes to chocolate at least) I popped in straight in the fridge and hoped for the best. The next day it felt solid again but I expected it to be a mess with the inside filling leaking out of the chocolate . Happily it didn't look too bad when I opened it, the outer chocolate coating was still intact and the inner layer of cookies and cream looked fine.

Despite the melting incident this has to be one of the best chocolate bars I've had for a while. If I gave out ratings this would be a 10 out of 10. The milka chocolate on the outside is gorgeous with a rich chocolate flavour. The inner filling is delicious with generous chunks of Oreos all wrapped in a creamy vanillla filling. I'm so glad to see a "Cookies and Cream" product where the cookies are actually Oreo's rather than a copy of this iconic cookie.

This chocolate bar was very sweet but every bite was pure heaven. If I make any order from CyberCandy in the future it will have to include the Milka and Oreo bar. Hopefully the next one I try will not have any melting accidents!

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  1. Hi Katherine
    I loved Milka and Oreos too I also had a melting incident lol. I had half a bar left and left it on the side on a hot day but managed to save it in the fridge and actually thought it tasted even better cold. Have you ever had the Milka Noisette? Love the stuff but have never managed to find it in the UK!


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