27 May 2013

Grace Aloe Vera Drink - Mango

I picked this up mainly because it's from Taiwan and I thought it'd be a cool addition to my Around the World challenge. It turns out that Grace is actually a Caribbean based company, but this particular product is made by one of their divisions in Taiwan. I've heard about the health benefits of the aloe vera plant in general and the juice is said to maintain good health, energy and prevent illness. These Aloe Vera drinks are available unflavoured (usually in bright green bottles) but also in several fruity versions. I bought this Mango variety from a local corner shop.

There are lots of "bits" floating in the drink that at first glance look like fruit pulp that you might get in any juice. However these are the actual pieces of Aloe Vera that make up 20% of the drink. They are clear and almost jelly like in texture, as you can see in the photo below.

I was a bit worried that the aloe vera pieces would be unpleasant texture wise but I was pleased to find that the whole drink was absolutely delicious. The mango flavour is sweet, fruity and very tasty. The aloe vera pieces are slightly strange at first but they actually make this drink extremely refreshing - perfect for those rare hot days! I loved this drink and I'll definitely be trying some of the other flavours.

I've seen other brands of Aloe Vera drinks in the World Foods sections of most supermarkets.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Grace Aloe Vera Drink

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per 100ml)
: 37 calories, 0g protein, 9.3g Carb, 8.3g sugars, 0g fat.
Purchased: Local corner shop.
Price: £0.99p for 500ml bottle.


  1. You should try out the green bottle ones. Although they are not flavoured, they are sweet with aloe vera bits too... :) It tastes good with beer too!!

  2. Sounds delicious, i will need to keep my eyes open for these. Its good to see real bits in a drink, and mango flavour mmmmmmmmmmm!

  3. the green bottled ones are actually grape flavor... you have to read the ingredients at the back because it doesn't actually say the flavor on the front of the bottle :)

  4. I love these drinks and im actually drinking the green one as I leave message. Enjoy!!

  5. Just tried my first drink - strawberry flavour. I must say, it is very refreshing. This drink will go well with a warm summer!!!


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