21 May 2013

Meiji Uji Matcha Wafers Review

I was sent this intriguing looking box from online Japanese store Candysan. It's described on their website as simply "Uji Matcha", which refers to the green tea powder used. The actual snack is a green tea flavoured wafer with a creamy filling.

Inside the elegantly designed black and green box, there are eight pieces which are usefully wrapped in individual portions.

I loved this diagram on the back of the box so I just had to share it here!

The outer layer is made of a light wafer that is brightly coloured by the match green tea. Underneath that is a darker green layer which is where most of the green tea flavour resides. Unfortunately it's got quite a bitter edge to it that i didn't enjoy. Inside the wafer is a creamy filling that is quite solid and almost like a white chocolate. There are milky vanilla undertones that thankfully help to curb the bitter edge of the green tea. The whole combination is quite unusual, although still pleasant, but I would say it's one for fans of green tea only.

The Meiji Uji Matcha were very kindly sent to me by Candysan for review but all views are my own.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Meiji Uji Matcha

RATING: 6 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Only a maybe.

Nutrition (64g): 371 calories.
Price¥270 (approx. £1.73).

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