30 May 2013

Ferrero Hanuta Review - Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer

The Hanuta consists of a layer of hazelnut chocolate, sandwiched in between two crispy wafers. The name comes from the German word Haselnusstafel meaning hazelnut bar. This is a new addition to the range at online chocolate and candy specialists, Monster Sweets, and they kindly sent me it to review. Seeing as it's made by Ferrero, I can't help but see it as a larger, simpler, version of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate!

Inside the pack there are two squared wafer bars, each sitting in their own little gold foil packaging. The appearance reminds me of the fabulously named Knoppers Bar which I reviewed here.

The wafer layers are a lovely golden brown colour, there's no horrible cheap cardboard tasting wafer here. These are crispy, sweet and delicious. The inner hazelnut chocolate is quite dark in colour and tastes just like the rich chocolate centre of a Ferrero Rocher, whilst being much denser in texture. There are lots of hazelnut pieces in there too, giving it that classic chocolate and hazelnut combination that we all love so much here at Grocery Gems.

It's fair to say that Mr. Grocery Gems absolutely loved these Hanuta wafers. They were crunchy hazelnut chocolate perfection for him. So much so that he kept asking me if we had anymore even though he knew the answer was no - which is basically the universal code for "buy some more". At least I know what I'll be getting him for Father's Day now!

Overall, these are fantastic wafers that are definitely worth a try. I love that it's now easier to find these delicious German treats at reasonable prices in the UK. I reviewed another similarly flavoured bar from Ferrero called Duplo here, which is also available at Monster Sweets.

Monster Sweets kindly sent me this product for an honest review but all views expressed are my own. Check out Monster Sweets online to view their full range of US and European chocolates and sweets 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Ferrerro Duplo Chocolate Bar

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Available at Monster Sweets.
Price: £0.89p.


  1. I visited Germany a few times as a child and always remember being excited at the confectionary, it just seemed so different! I recall something similar to this, looks yum!

  2. Omg as a nutella JUNKIE, I love your husband's approval and universal code haha! I shalt be using it via ''paypal'' to purchase this amazing looking wafer majig :D! Sounds absolutely divine! Great post, Miss Katherine...monster sweets looks super cool, lots of yummy finds, thank you for sharing :D

  3. My mum used to buy these quite often and I absolutely love them!!!


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