11 May 2013

Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate & Coconut Yogurt

I spotted this Belgian Chocolate & Coconut yogurt in the Tesco Finest range of individual yogurts and desserts. There are many different varieties to choose from in this Finest range including; Lemon Curd, White Peach, Swiss Black Cherry, Madagascan Vanilla and Layered Mango. Of course I went straight for the chocolate and coconut option!

The yogurt is very thick in texture, and I mean extremely thick. It holds it's own shape on the spoon, I could hold the spoon upside down if I wanted to! The yogurt itself has a lovely tart flavour, it's not too sweet like many other yogurt "desserts". However, the super thick consistency still gives the yogurt a luxurious and extra special quality.There are lots of chocolate shavings throughout, which add sweetness and a subtle chocolate taste. The coconut flavour is present in the form of dessicated pieces and had a decent enough flavour, although it could have been a bit stronger for my tastes.

Overall, this is a lovely creamy, but not overly sweet, yogurt that is worth a try if you like coconut. The pricing is slightly annoying, especially if you don't want to multibuy. It costs £0.75p for one yogurt (!) or 5 for £3.00, which still makes them quite expensive at £0.60p each.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate & Coconut Yogurt

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
: 144 calories.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price (150g yogurt): £0.75p or 5 for £3.00.

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  1. This yoghourt has recently arrived at my branch of Tesco and it is lovely. Where has the choc and hazelnut gone though? That is my all time favourite but it has not been in store at Boston for months.


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