3 May 2013

New Pocky Coffee Cookie Crush featuring Snoopy!

Snoopy Pocky! Snoopy Pocky! Snoopy Pocky! Sorry I just had to get that out of my system. I LOVE Snoopy and have been a fan for many years. This Limited Edition Snoopy and Pocky collaboration has recently been released in Japan, and I was very happy to see it included in a parcel from Candysan, an online shop based in Japan specialising in all kinds of Japanese sweets.

Seriously could Snoopy look any cuter with his little cup of coffee and cookie in hand? It's a perfect image to represent these Pocky as they are a Coffee Cookie Crunch flavour. The detailing on the packaging is fantastic, from the bright imagery on all sides, to the flap on the top of the packet looking like the roof of Snoopy's doghouse. So cute!

Inside the adorable looking box there are three individually sealed packets each containing four Pocky sticks. Even the design here looks great - gold edged and with see through panels to show the delicious looking Pocky sticks.

The Crush range of Pocky from Glico, are larger and more substantial than the usual Pocky. They have a distinctive knobbly appearance, similar to the Green Tea Pocky Crush I reviewed a few weeks ago, and the chocolate is completely studded with cookie pieces.

The inner Pocky stick biscuit itself is quite light and very crunchy, and has been partially dipped in a sweet milk chocolate imbedded with crushed coffee flavoured cookies. The result is mostly of the creamy chocolate with the coffee coming through as a very mild, and sweet, secondary flavour. It's not an intense or bitter coffee, if this flavour was an actual coffee it would be a sugary frothy cappuccino!

Without a doubt the Crush range has become my favourite type of Pocky. They're extra crunchy and full of flavour, with little more than 70 calories for all four sticks. Having super cute Snoopy packaging just makes these even more magnificent and worthy of a Grocery Gems perfect score!

Many thanks to Candysan for sending these our for review, do check out their online store - it's a treasure trove of Japanese snacks. Their delivery was very fast, the parcel arrived in just over one week and was well packed. 

The Pocky Snoopy Coffee Cookie Crush were very kindly sent to me by Candysan for review but all views are my own. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Pocky Green Tea Chocolate Crush 

RATING: 10 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Tasty, unique, fun. I love them!

Price¥175 (approx. £1.14!!)


  1. Three of my favourite things!

    Snoopy, chocolate and a Grocery Gem review... So cool! :)

  2. These look so, so nice!

    And that strawberry Kitkat Chunky looks amazing, will you be doing a review of it?

    1. Hi Kev, no I don't have that Kit Kat Chunky. I just wanted to highlight some of the more interesting products from Candysan. I'd love to see a review of it though!

  3. I have been sent a few bits from Candysan too. One of the things is the Green Tea Oreos, I can't wait to try them. These pocky look awesome, I love Snoopy! Great review!

    1. Thanks Hannah! And that's brilliant that you're going to review to Green Tea Oreos, they look awesome!


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