18 May 2013

Around The World: Denmark - Tom's Guld Barre & Skildpadde

I've wanted to try the Hazelnut version of the Tom's Guld Barre ever since I saw in on the Choc It Out 10 Foreign Chocolate Bars 002 video. Unfortunately, even though I ordered the hazelnut version of this bar from an online Danish shop, they sent me the milk chococlate version by mistake. No matter, I'm just glad to finally be able to include Denmark in my around the World Challenge as it's a country that I love - an admiration that is mainly based on it's talent for producing gruesome crime dramas!

Tom's is the largest producer of candy and chocolate in Denmark. Their Guld Barre has a very distinctive shape to the chocolate. It reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on what it is! The milk chocolate is very smooth, with a slightly soft texture. It's not as sugary or milky as something like Dairy Milk, and it has more of a nutty undertone to the flavour. It's not the most interesting chocolate bar, but it's still very tasty, and I hope to give the hazelnut version a try too.

I also bought a Tom's Skildpadde, which is a turtle shaped chocolate filled with a rum flavoured caramel cream. This is also available in a full chocolate bar format - it's a super cute bar with three turtle shaped pieces joined together. I bought the bar version last year but I somehow managed to lose all the photos so I couldn't post a review on it!

Let me tell you something - cutting this in half was an extremely sticky business! The centre is VERY runny. I can imagine this would be very messy to bite into. I'm not a fan of alcoholic chocolates but thankfully the Skildpadde is not too strong on that front. It's just an extremely sweet caramel that has a rum and raisin type flavour to it, surrounded by an equally sweet outer chocolate.

And to Marcus from Choc It Out, for introducing me to these Danish delights, I'd like to say: Tak!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Tom's Guld Barre & Skildpadde

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: I'd try the hazelnut Guld Barre.

Price£1.40 (Tom's Guld Barre), £0.95p (Skildpadde).


  1. That Skildpadde sounds so nice and looks so cool! I'm still on the lookout for half of the bars Marcus mentioned in that Foreign Chocolate Bars video haha.

    1. lol I don't think I'll ever manage to find all ten of them!

  2. The Guld Barre reminds me of an elongated Toblerone? Might that be what you're thinking of?

    1. Thanks Lily! I was hoping someone would have the answer :)

  3. Great review. And well done to Denmark for winning the Eurovision Song Contest!

  4. Dane chiming in here. Thanks for the kind words. It's always nice when people remember we exist, even if it's mainly for our vicious crime dramas. :)

    The milk chocolate guld barre is probably the least interesting of the lot. Inoffensive, but nothing beyond that.
    Regarding the turtles, the trick is to put them in the freezer. They will turn firm, but not hard, and become quite a bit better.


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