10 May 2013

Ülker Cokomel - Banana Marshmallow Chocolates

These little banana marshmallow cakes were very kindly sent to me by Kev from the review blog Kev's Snack Review. He's managed to find a very interesting snack from Turkey for my Around The World Challenge. Thanks Kev! Ülker is a very popular Turkish brand that produces lots of different chocolates, snacks, biscuits, drinks and more. This Cokomel range of marshmallow cakes comes in various different flavours, including one of my favourites; banana!

There are three small gold wrapped cakes presented on a little cardboard tray. They all feature different animals and letters on the packaging and the whole effect is very cute.

Inside the gold wrapper is a dark chocolate dome filled with a biscuit layer topped with soft marshmallow. The chocolate has that slightly waxy quality that is often present in chocolate from hot climates, however it tastes decent enough. The marshmallow is where the Cokomel really shines, I enjoyed the lovely squidgy foamy texture and super sweet vanilla flavour. At the base is a biscuit layer which is quite dry and crumbly, the flavour reminds me of those biscuit fingers that go in the bottom of trifles!

As you can see in the photos, there is also a small amount of a jam like substance in the middle. I was hoping this would be where the banana flavour was hiding but sadly there was no banana to be found. It's a real shame because the idea of a banana marshmallow is fantastic. If there was a banana flavour present in these then it would be pretty delicious. Despite that, it's still a nice chocolate covered marshmallow and I'll be looking out for more from the Ülker brand from now on :)

Thanks so much to Kev for sending this to me, be sure to check out his fab snack finding blog!

Grocery Gems: Ülker Cokomel Banana

RATING: 6 out of 10.
Buy them again?: I'd give the Strawberry flavour a try too.
Nutrition (per pack of 3): 192 cals, 1.4g protein, 29.6g carbs, 7.6g fat.


  1. Aw thankyou for the lovely mention Katherine :) I'm glad you enjoyed these although it's such a shame they didn't have much of a banana flavour! When I got them I noticed they also had some strawberry and orange flavours but thought banana sounded most interesting. Also - Cokomel is such a cool name isn't it? Makes me think of coconut and caramel.

    1. Banana was definitely the perfect choice for me so thank you again for sending it out!

      I do really do love the name! I actually had a sentence about how it sounds to me like coconut and honey to me (because mel means honey in Portuguese) but what you said makes much more sense!! :D

  2. These look like banoffee tea cakes! Awesome!

    1. I'm pretty sure I NEED a banoffee tea cake in my life! :)

  3. Hi, have been silently lurking your blog for a while! I just tried Rita fahri watermelon marshmallows, not sure if that's something you would like! Think her website is just fahridotcodoutuk, but if you google Rita Fahri it's the first result :)

    1. Hi Nadia! Thank you for delurking, it's always lovely to hear from a new reader :)

      I've checked out that website and there are certainly some scrummy looking marshmallows on there. Especially the coconut one - definitely something I would like to try! mmmm


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